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GIRL TALK: Landing Mr. Perfect

O.K. There's this guy Jake I really really really like. Only, I don't know him so well and I know for a fact that this girl that's kinda sorta my friend likes him, alot. She's always flirting with him and I can't tell if he likes her or not. I would like to be closer to him. He's really cute and funny and smart and all that "perfect" jazz. Well, I've only talked to him a time or two. I've known him for a while but I moved from where I live now and then moved back. Before I hadn't really noticed him, but now I think of him all the time. How can I make this more than just a casual acquaintance before he falls for that other girl I talked about? Can someone pleeze tell me how to land this dude?

- ya, i'm that desperate

Oh to be young and in love..,those were the days. First of all you are not desperate, it sounds as though you have given a lot of thought to this predicament you are in. There is nothing desperate about wanting to get to know someone a little better. It sounds like your heart is in the right place, props to you for finding a guy that is cute, funny AND intelligent. Wanting to get to know someone but being unsure as to their romantic situation and what they are looking for is the story of my life. Keep things simple. Get to know him before you profess your love. Starting up a convo seems super stressful but a simple “ Hey how was your weekend?” will give you a jump start into dissecting this dude and seeing what he is really about. Relationships are born out of friendships, concentrate on your common interests and build a foundation for a possible relationship. You may find that you enjoy Jake as just a good guy friend.

As for the other girl in the picture…don’t stress out about it. I am the queen of over analyzing and I can tell you that obsessing over the unknown details makes for a messy situation. If you are close enough friends with her that a possible relationship with Jake would totally put a damper on your bud bond then you need to ask her what’s up. It’s always a difficult situation when two BFFs dig the same guy, but your best bet is to lay all your cards on the table and let your bud know your intentions. If you don’t think that a love connection between you and Jake will have a drastic affect on this chic, then don’t sweat it.

Keep an open mind and be that confident babe you are. In order to make things happen you have to make an active effort, don’t wait on the sidelines.


Jana (GL Intern)
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POSTED ON 1/24/2007 12:20:00 PM

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