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DIDYA KNOW? The Scoop On The Stars of Nancy Drew


Here at GL, we couldn’t be more excited about Nancy Drew hitting theaters. Fab stars + major mystery = a perfect day at the movies! Sure, we just featured adorable Emma Roberts and hottie Max Thieriot in the pages of our mag, but we’ve compiled a list of eight things you may not know about the stars of the flick…

1. Emma is the go-to gal for her crew. “I'm usually the person that everyone – that my friends talk to about things. A lot of people actually tell me things. They confide me, so I don't really have to get it out of them.”

2. In addition to acting, Emma’s pretty good at something else: tennis! “I'm pretty good at tennis. I live in a gated community, so I play at the tennis courts there, and I take lessons once a week.”

3. Max actually has a fab voice. Singing voice that is!
“I did my own singing in [The Pacifier]. It was interesting because I hate singing in front of people. I was really nervous.” So of course GL had to ask: “So do you still sing?” His response? “No, not at all.”

4. Emma’s still rocking braces, but she has the inside out kind, so you can’t see them on the big screen!

5. Think twice before inviting Emma over for dinner. “I’m a really picky eater. Like really, really picky. [I love] pasta and bread. I like a lot of bread. I don’t like vegetables. I’ll only eat certain foods.”

6. Max is actually quite the surfer boy. So much so that his apartment is even decked out in a surfing theme!
“I’m two blocks from the beach and I have all my surfboards up on the walls and stuff. It’s pretty modern, kind of beachy, but it’s just like a little two bedroom apartment.”

7. Emma’s homeschooled, but that doesn’t mean she gets off easy in the schoolwork department. She doesn’t get to skip the classes she hates just because she’s a movie star. Her worst subjects? Math and Spanish. We feel ya, girl!

8. While Max hasn’t touched one of the old Nancy Drew books, Emma’s read a bunch. And likes them! “I think they're cute. They're funny because they were written a long time ago, so the lingo's kind of different, but I like it a lot.”

HITTING THE THEATRES TONIGHT? So will you be heading to your nearest multiplex to check out Nancy Drew? Or have you already seen it and want to give your review? NO SPOILERS PLEASE, but opinions are always welcome, fab G-Blog girls!

CONTEST! Don't forget to enter for the Sleuth Swag Giveaway! You can win loads of goodies from the flick and even have a chance at winning iPod! Click HERE for more deets and how to enter info!

POSTED ON 6/15/2007 2:46:00 PM

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