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SPOTLIGHT: Emily Osment


When the cameras are rolling, she’s Lily, the clumsy, gymnast/skater best friend of pop diva Hannah Montana. Off screen, she’s different…a little more quiet (another double life?). GL got the chance to talk to Emily Osment, and she gave us some behind-the-scenes dirt about the cast.

GL: Hey Emily! So, are there ever any cute boys around the set of Hannah Montana?

EO: Well, the Jonas brother started to come on set recently.

Our readers think they’re they cutest!

Yeah, I love the Jonas brothers!

Were they fun to hang out with?

That family is so sweet. Every single one of them is so polite. That’s not how you’d expect, like, rockstars to be. But they’re so sweet and humble and just really, really nice.

Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of a cutie?

If I embarrass myself, I act like, “Oh yeah, I was gonna do that.” I just make a joke of it. I haven’t, like, lost my bikini or anything. I kinda have good luck in that area.


What would GL girls be shocked to see backstage on the show?

I think they’d be surprised to see how close everybody is. We’re like a family. We hang out together all the time. We have this really, really great atmosphere on set, which is nice.

How cute! So, are there any pranksters in the cast?

Umm…Jason. He creates his own things to add to the scenes. They keep the cameras rolling extra-long for him, just to see what he’ll do at the end of the scene. He does his own little skits. It’s pretty funny.

Love that! So, why’s Lily always wearing that hat?

I think that was wardrobe’s idea. Lilly’s a skater girl, but you’ll see more often in season two that she’s sort of falls away from the hats and so she starts dying her hair, and painting her nails weird colors. And she has cooler clothes. The hats sort of disappear for a little while.

emilyheadshot.gifDo you wear a hat off-set, too?

Nooo! Sometimes I’ll wear a trucker hat, but only if it goes with my outfit.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I sorta memorize everyone else’s lines, which is weird. I’ll know all of Miley’s lines.

What’s the craziest scene on the new DVD?

Well, I’m not sure if it’s on the DVD, but there’s a scene where Cody [aka Jake Ryan] comes in parasailing in this big knight uniform. It’s pretty funny. It’s a wild episode.

Do you do any stunts?

Well, Lilly does gymnastics. I kinda do gymnastics, but they bring in Cirque du Soleil people to double for me, which is really cool.

Does Billy practice his “Dancing with the Stars” ballroom dancing backstage?

He’s kind of shy. He really is. Sometimes on Friday nights, when we come out for curtain call, he’ll show off a little bit. It’s cute. Miley will always say, “Hey, Dad, show us that sashay.” And he’ll say, “Noo, no, no!” It’s cute. He’ll try and get up there and dance a little.

How sweet! Anything you want our readers to know?

I used to have a subscription to GL!



POSTED ON 6/18/2007 4:23:00 PM

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