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IT LIST: Physician Formula Bronzers


With the Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic multi-colored blush your possibilities are never ending! Go from light to dark or dark to light, either way the blush is sure to accentuate and beautify your cheeks! The blush is so versatile that you can customize your look to make it 100% unique and fit your style!

Wanna look like you’ve spent all day soaking up the sun without stepping foot on the beach? Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Bronzing Veil can do just that! The gentle formula lets your skin breathe while vitamins protect and condition your skin! An extra bonus? The powder helps reduce irritation and breakouts! This bronzer is sure to make you a tan goddess, even without the sun!

Hate the makeup that clogs your pores and causes breakouts? Who doesn’t? Well girlies you’re in luck! Physicians Formula mineral face powder is specifically built for sensitive, breakout-prone skin! Not only is the formula filled with vitamins and anti-oxidants, but it will leave your skin looking natural and glowing!

This bronzer gives you a sun-kissed glow, without the harmful effects of the sun! It combines the perfect amount of gold and bronze giving you the perfect deep tan. You’ll be a summer bombshell with this weightless formula!

Look fabulous with the Physicians Formula shimmer strips! Go from casual to dramatic in two seconds! The shimmer strips are a bronzer, blush, and eyes hadow all in one! They’ll give you a knockout summer glow all year round!

Want double the fun? Physicians Formula Wet/Dry Eyeshadow can give you a discreet or dramatic look! Plus. Its easy to use and long lasting!

Looking for an easy to use powder? The Mineral Wear Loose Powder is totally mess free due to its sheet lid with 8 different shades, you’re sure to find a perfect match to your skin. Plus, if your always worried about getting breakouts- this is the product for you! Many girls go to Mineral Wear Loose Powder because it allows your skin to breathe…sounds fabulous!

Tips For Applying Bronzer by Celeb Make-Up Artist Joanna Schlip

johanna.JPGHow to Apply Bronzer

Color - First and foremost pick the right color – two shades darker than your skin tone works great.

Brush - When using a powder bronzer, make sure you start with a good makeup brush. The best kind has rounded edges to help you blend. Using a circular motion, lightly coat the brush with your bronzer.

The Look– you want to apply the bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face so the color does not look artificial.

Forehead - Using a circular motion, apply bronzing powder above eyebrow and gently brush outward on forehead down onto temple area. Don’t forget to apply over both eyebrows.

Cheeks - Using a circular motion, start powder application on the cheek apple and brush on bronzing powder back to meet the hairline. (Smile while applying; this brings out the cheek shape for easier application). Reapply to create a deeper tan.

Nose - Brush lightly applying bronzer down the nose all the way to the tip.

Chin - Go across with a windshield wiper movement across the chin under the lower lip.

Jaw Line- Using a circular motion, apply bronzer below your chin. This defines the jawbone for a stronger facial profile and defined chin shape.

BY GL ON 7/17/2007 5:20:00 PM

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