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He’s been giving you the eye for weeks, sneaking smiles from across the room, chatting you up and throwing out the vibe. You finally march up to that hottie with a body in math class and spill your heart to him…and suddenly things go from mission possible to failure to launch. Instead of being a Sad Sally perk up and move on sistah!

Get a Hold of Yourself

For whatever reason, this guy has had a short circuit somewhere in the deep abyss of that thing he calls a brain, and now you’re left feeling completely mortified. Blush about it, freak out, start the emergency phone tree, feel whatever you want to feel for a day then get movin’ and groovin’ onto bigger and better things. While you may be mad at this kid for pulling the rug out from under you (as you should be), throwing a tantrum, frantically walking away whenever you are near him, or wearing a paper bag over your head are not going to score you points with him or his posse. There’s no reason why you can’t say hi or smile when you see him. Acting mature and confident shows him what a classy gal you are.

Practice Self- Love

Your heart may be telling you to curl up into a little ball and bemoan the daylight, but don’t listen to it! While staying under the covers may seem like a good way to avoid reality, it’s only going to stretch out a painful situation. Face the world by practicing some affirmations. While you’re brushing your teeth think of the things you are great at, what you like about yourself, why you are a good person. This pat on the back will help you keep your head up and reinforce the confidence you had before that no good boy burst your bubble.

Slow Down!

You may be dead-set on finding a new dreamboy ASAP, and nothing quite compares to the butterfly feeling of new love, but take a break from the sweetie scene for a little bit. If you are swooning over Billy from history class one day and Charlie from French class the next, people are going to notice. Going from one guy to another shows that your crushes aren’t meaningful. How’s a dude supposed to see you as girlfriend material if you have eyes for him and Bobby, and Luke, and Georgie…you get my drift.

-Jana Konys

POSTED ON 12/18/2009 7:00:00 AM


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