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4 HOURS AGO These sandals are seriously the definition of "cheap chic" http://t.co/Lc1j7eRw6p


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A quiz for anyone



CHECK IT OUT! Here’s another short and sweet survey from one of our very own GL girls! Fill it out, read other answers and don’t forget to submit your own below!


Your Perfect Guy Quiz


1.) List your top 5 qualities in a guy?
2.) If you had to break up with ur ultra hot BF why would you do it? 
3.) You just spotted the Captain of the Football team, and HOTTEST guy on planet earth, what do you do? a.) Pull a bend and snap (Legally Blonde) b.) Smile and wink?
4.) How do you deal when your crush just asked out your best friend?
5.) What is the perfect V-Day gift ur BF ever got you?
6.) What would be your dream gift for V-Day?
7.) Did you like my quiz?

XOXO Palm Beach Girl

GOT YOUR OWN SURVEY?Send it to Jiae at jiae@girlslife.com, with the words Survey Says in the subject line, and you could have your survey featured on the main blog! How cool is that?

BY GL READER ON 2/6/2014 12:00:00 AM

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