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A quiz for anyone


CHECK IT OUT! Here’s another short and sweet survey from one of our very own Blog Babes! Fill it out, read other answers and don’t forget to submit your own below!


What kind of girl are you??


It's Friday night. Where are you headed?
a. Hockey game- nothing better than rooting for my school!
b. The school dance-I was the student coordinator
c. A sleepover with me and my closest friends-we know everything about each other
d. Staying at home, maybe watching a movie with my sibs
e. Playing video games. Yesss.


Monday morning-ugh. Which outfit do you pick out?
a. My old lax sweatshirt, jeans and Rainbows (flip flops)
b. Plaid skirt, white Oxford polo, black flats, bow in my hair
c. Skinny jeans, black slingbacks, gray tank with a black cardigan
d. Tan Uggs, navy sweatpants, plain long-sleeve white tee
e. Red skinny jeans, gray Rolling Stones tee, black pointy boots


What jewelry do you wear?
a. Nothing- can't wear jewelry on the field!
b. Pearl bracelet, necklace, and earring set
c. Whatever matches with my day's outfit!
d. Old string bracelets from camp
e. Chunky colorful bangles in neon colors


Ahh! Your bestie is looking for you after school. Where can she find you?
a. Leading the team in stretches
b. Student Council
c. Fashion Club
e. Band practice


What's your favorite movie (s)?
a. The Blind SIde / Moneyball
b. The Great Gatsby / The Book Thief
c. Romeo & Juliet / About Time
d. The Hunger Games / Ender's Game
e. Les Miserables / Pitch Perfect


If you scored mostly As you're probably La chica deportiva (the sporty chicky)

If you scored mostly Bs you're probably the Coordinator

If you scored mostly Cs you're probably Trés Chic

If you scored mostly Ds you're probably Perfectly comfy-in-my-sweats-thanks-very-much

If you scored mostly Es you're probably the Rock 'n' Roll all-nighter!

GOT YOUR OWN SURVEY? Click the blue button above to send it in.

BY GL READER ON 2/23/2014 12:00:00 AM

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