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10 Tips To Talkin' to Guys



1. Relax Around Guys. They are people, just like you. Remind yourself of this when you start to get nervous.

2. Be Yourself.
Acting like something you’re not just takes up time and energy, and eventually you’ll be caught, and the guy DEFINITELY won’t like you. He might not be ‘your type’, and even though that’s sad, you should accept it and look for a guy that’s going to like you for YOU.

3. Learn What He Likes
. Talk to him about things he’s interested in. Maybe it’s sports, music, whatever it may be, go with it. An don’t be afraid to compliment him (and don’t ask him if you’re fat or ugly, that’ll just make him feel awkward).

4. Avoid Faking It.
Don’t pretend to know more than you do (or to be better at something than you really are). If his favorite band is Panic! At the Disco, and you’ve never even heard of them, tell him that. Ask him about the band. Looking like you don’t know about one thing is okay, looking like you’re lying about knowing about it makes you look bad. The same goes for sports. If you don’t know the first thing about golf, don’t pretend to be a pro. Ask him about it - maybe he’ll coach you. And how cute a story would it make that you two fell in love over the seventeenth hole?

5. Give Him Space.
If you follow a guy around constantly, you’ll get on his nerves and he won’t like you. And it’s not fair to him, he’s got the right to hang out with anyone and not have you there 24-7 (sorry, I know it sounds mean, but trust me. I had a guy follow me around, I couldn’t even get a moment alone with my boyfriend!). He’ll notice you, and likely be grateful for the space.

6. Chill Out.
Don’t let the first words you say to him be, “Will you go out with me?” That may make him nervous (he’ll probably be thinking, who is this girl? I don’t know her. How can she already like me?). Get to know him first. Be his friend, and then you can get your relationship to the next level.

7. Keep Within Your Age Range.
That means that a few years difference is okay, but not a ton. If he’s older, he might expect more of you than you can give him - especially when it comes to physical stuff. I totally understand falling for the AWESOME older guy, but use good judgment about how much older than you is still okay for dating. And younger guys can be immature, and you deserve a guy that is at your intellectual level.

8. Don't Be A Homewrecker.
If your crush has a girlfriend, please don’t interfere. Promise? It’s not fair to him, or his girlfriend. Yes, it’s sad that he’s got a girlfriend, but breaking them up is just plain mean. She can’t stop dating just because another girl likes her boyfriend. And you would not want anyone doing that to you. (Besides, do you really want a guy who would drop his girl the second another one comes along?)

9. Get Perspective.
A guy is never worth sacrificing a friendship. Period.

10. Stand Up For Yourself.
If he doesn’t treat you right, he’s not worth it. Ever. Especially if he’s physically or verbally abusive or tries to pressure you to go farther physically with him than you are comfortable going. That’s never okay. Ever. Get help from an adult if you feel like you need it, you should feel safe and happy in a relationship. You deserve it.

BY SHARADA ON 12/4/2009 7:00:00 AM


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