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On the road with the Cheetah Girls

The Cheetah Girls Sabrina Bryan, Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams are gonna have a really busy fall. The three BFFs are gonna be travlin’ the country on their “One World” concert tour from October to late December. Their latest movie, The Cheetah Girls One World, premieres August 22 on the Disney Channel.

“Anywhere the three of us go we’ll have a great time.” Sabrina. “We love to do everything together,” Sabrina. “We really are three best friends.”

When it comes to true friendship, many girls find it difficult to maintain close trio friendships. So how do you the three Cheetah amigas manage it?

“It’s all about communication and respect,” says Adrienne. “Because we’ve spent so much time together we know each other so well. We know how to deal with one another and when to give each other space. We really respect each other and that’s the most important thing.”

Bonding rituals help cement their friendship. “We’re like sisters so the three of us love to play board games,” says Sabrina. “Scattergories is perfect for us because you have to guess other people’s answers. We’ve been on the road for so long together that we know each other so well. We love playing fun games like that.”

They also love together-time to do their nails, go to the movies, and shop, shop, shop in boutiques and vintage stores far from the maddening mall crowds. “Unfortunately, now we end up having to split up in a mall because when we’re together, that’s when people recognize us and things get nuts,” says Sabrina. “But what we like best is just to hang out at home, especially when we’re working six days a week. On our days off we still want to be together so we meet at the pool and just talk and listen to music and go online and read magazines and just really just take the time to just relax and enjoy the surroundings we’re in.”

If Sabrina gets her way, there will be even more traveling for the Cheetah Girls after their “One World” journey ends. “I am obsessed with Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and I’m trying to try to figure out when the three of us can go for the weekend. It’s close to L.A., it’s not super expensive, it has pools, beaches, parasailing, jetskiing, and it’s just a perfect vacation spot for us. So nice and relaxing. We definitely need to take a weekend to ourselves and just breathe after working so much!”

But for now it’s all about the work and the Cheetah credo:  I promise not to follow anyone else’s dreams but my own…I will not try to get other people’s approval by acting like a copycat… I will help my family, friends, and other Cheetah Girls whenever they need my love, support, or a really big hug… And I promise to rely (mostly) on my brains, heart, and courage to reach my cheetah-licious potential.

BY GL ON 8/22/2008 4:24:00 PM


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