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Have a (Snow) Ball!

Counting the seconds ’til spring frees you from your frosty prison? When you and your BFFs head to the local coffee shop, does the barista automatically starts prepping your “usual?” Been to Blockbuster so many times that you’ve seen virtually every new release? Face it. You and your friends are in a rut. But don’t worry. These sweet sleepover ideas are guaranteed to banish your winter blues!
Raise the Temps

Pull those tank tops and flip-flops out from the back of your closet. After all, you’re going to need something appropriate to wear to the sizzling soiree you’re throwing. The goal: to banish all thought of icy temps. Treat your pals to a summery celebration that embraces all things sunny and warm.
Serve ice cream and popsicles, do pedicures to show off sandaled feet, decorate with stacks of bright beach towels and watch tropical flicks like Blue Crush all night long. And for an added dose of realism? Ask your parents to crank up the heat for the evening.

Be Crafty

Remember the time your friend Jenna threw you a surprise party for your birthday? Or the time you were all shopping for homecoming dresses at the mall and you got separated from them so they had to have you paged over the mall intercom? Make sure you never ever forget by getting down to some serious scrapbooking. Tear your room apart looking for pictures, concert tickets, movie stubs and other cool stuff that reminds you of your best friends and tell them to do the same.
Set up a sleepover date when everyone can get together, and get out all the craft supplies you can dig up. Write each person’s name on a slip of paper, drop them in a hat and have everyone pull out a name. Then get to work making a scrapbook especially for that friend. You’ll end up with a sweet memento of your BFFs, and you’ll laugh the night away reminiscing about all the awesome times you’ve had.

Show the Love

Who said Valentine’s Day is just for lovey dovey couples? The holiday is all about love, and who’s at the top of your love list? Your BFFs, of course. They’ve seen you through the hard times and know all of your flaws, but they still love you anyway. How cool is that? Celebrate your sisterhood by crafting the perfect Valentine care packages for each other, the cheesier the better.
Before the big bash, stock up on candy hearts and lots of chocolate. Get baking supplies to make some heart-shaped cookies. Print out some “coupons” on your computer, good for a girls’ night out or a movie night, plus other fun stuff you can do together. Slip a picture of your BFFs in there. Mix together a CD with all your fave jams and give each gal a copy. Don’t forget to make sappy cards, too! Your girls probably know how much they mean to you, but it never hurts to say so.

By: Mandy Forr

BY GL ON 1/21/2009 11:18:00 AM

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