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Flirt Alert!

Fire up your flirt skills with our fail-proof guide. Oh, and don’t forget to thank us when the line of boys starts forming!

Be confident!
Rule number one: You’re super fab. Don’t believe it? Fake it ‘till you make it. Repeat this mantra in the mirror every morning until you feel like the cool and confident chica that we know you are!
Make eye contact.
Nothing says confidence like an eye-to-eye lock. Once you’ve spotted your stud, don’t be afraid to let your look linger. But don’t stare your sweetie down either. Give your guy a two-to-three second glance, then slowly turn away. Anything longer might creep your cutie out.
Obvi. Smiling shows you’re a cool, friendly girl. Plus, any gal wearin’ a grin seem more approachable. When that hottie from history sees you flashing your pearly whites, he’s more likely to ask you for homework help later...and maybe even ask you out!
You do it online and in texts, so why not laugh out loud in real life? Laughing shows potential suitors that you know how to have a good time and you’re not scared to show it! Plus, letting go of a giggle says you don’t care what other people think. Another sign of super confidence!
Keep your cool.
Lotsa times, your stance says speaks way louder than words. Remember to maintain open body language so guys aren’t intimidated to approach you. Keeping your arms crossed says, “back away,” and signals that you don’t want to be bothered. But, no need to flap your arms up and down for attention. Act cas – keeping your hands in your pockets is a cool way to give off a chill vibe.

Pack a punch.
Remember when that kid pulled your hair back in preschool and your mom told you it was ‘cause he was crushin’? Well, mom knows best. For some strange reason, guys tease the girls they like. A boy who’s interested may also do mean things to grab your attention. Weird, we know, but show the guy that two can play this game! Give him a playful punch (but keep it light, ladies!) in the arm next time he makes fun of your outfit. He’ll know you’re a fun femme and not some dainty princess.

And remember this...

It may seem like some girls were born with the flirt gene but practice makes perfect for everyone. Get your game into high gear with these moves, girl. Good luck and go get that guy!

BY L’OREAL THOMPSON ON 1/13/2010 12:00:00 AM


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