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Travelin' troubles


Hey GL, I have a bit of a dilemma. I just heard about this amazing two-week dance camp in the mountains of NY and I really want to go. I've been a dancer since I was three and this camp would really help my technique. It would also be a great chance to travel, and at the end of the two weeks we get to dance on stage with a famous European singer!

The problem is that I get really nervous and homesick before I go away from home and sometimes while I'm away. If I don't eat, I freak out.My parents are letting me go on the condition that I don't call home crying or freak out before I leave.

I'm just really nervous and anxious because sometimes I get so homesick that I can't do anything. The camp is really far away, and I won't know anyone there and it's two weeks. Still, I know it's the chance of a lifetime, and I really do want to go. Any suggestions on how to quash the nerves or cure the homesickness, or just how to feel more positive, upbeat, and confident about the trip? Thanks!

Hey Girl, something that's new and different can be exciting and scary at the same time! Your sitch does seem totally awesome  if you focus on the positives! Sure its totally nerve racking to be in a new place with new people and new experiences, but breathe girl!  The key to having a blast and being comfortable while you're at this camp is to really "take it in", really concentrate on everything that is going on around you and look forward to sharing the stories with your family when you return home! 

Also, you're not the first and wont be the last to be homesick. Girl,I think just about everyone has gotten it at some point in their lives, including myself! Last year I had gone on a study abroad program to France - totally scary! I mean I was dealing with a completely different language that I did not know how to speak and I still had to manage to do well in classes, talk about freakin' out! But, once I arrived and was submerged in the great surroundings and people, I had a blast learning and seeing new things. It was the most amazing time in my life for sure! I would have def regretted it if I did not go. And yes, I missed my family like crazy but I emailed and called when I could, and when I got back the time with my family was even more enjoyable.

This will be an incredible time in your life girl, and I'm sure tons are jealous that you will have this awesome experience. Bring photos of your family to take with you, call and email them when you can, and just really focus on the positives! Remember to look forward to telling your family amazing stories when you get back, and if you start to feel down focus on why your there. BTW, you wont be the only one feeling that way on the trip so don't be afraid to reach out to some new friends and share how you're feeling. No worries girl, I promise you will have a blast! 

-Cara T.

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POSTED ON 6/8/2009 7:00:00 AM


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