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I Hate Myself!

I have this problem where I just feel so alone and empty all the time.

My BFF and I used to be super close, but now we don't really do anything together. She's been hanging out with another girl, and so I kind of feel "replaced." And the rest of my friends and I aren't really that tight.

I have a lot of self-image issues, too. I think I’m ugly and fat with no talents, so why would anybody want to be my friend. I'm always venting into a journal and drawing, but it doesn't help at all, sometimes it just makes me feel worse.

When I tell my parents, they’ll just say something along the lines of "Oh, get over it." or "Stop being a baby." Sometimes I think that I might have Social Anxiety Disorder because I can't go three minutes without worrying about what others might think of me. How do I tell somebody, and what do I tell them?


Girl, I know exactly where you're coming from and I’m positive every girl out there can relate too. I'm not just saying this to make you feel better either. At one point in my life, I really felt low about myself and thought I was no good compared to everyone else. Let me tell you that you are def not alone. But guess what? You’ll soon realize that you are perfect the way you are and that you don't need one friend to fulfill you. Got it?

You said that your BFF has been hanging out with another girl more than she has been with you, that you feel "replaced." Please don't! I don't think she realizes what she is missing out on by not spending more time with you! But, I really think that you should find a group of friends and not depend on one. You will learn so much about yourself and friendships by interacting with more than one close friend. Get involved with a club at school or a sports team in the community, where you will be forced to make social ties!

You will realize how awesome you are and your talents once you push yourself just a little. Don't ever, EVER compare yourself and your talents with other people around you because you should be living life for YOU (and the ones that you love). What's life, if you're going to be worried all the time about what people think? Think how YOU want to see YOURSELF! (:

I think it's so cool that you draw and write in your journal about what goes on and how you feel. But at the same time, remember that you have people who care about you and want to know what's up! Take advantage of this. Take a risk and tell somebody something, anything!

I know I don't know you personally, but I truly believe that you are a beautiful individual and I cannot wait until you realize it. Push yourself to step out of your comfort zone and really live your life to the fullest! I KNOW you can do it!

<3, Sharon

POSTED ON 6/20/2009 7:00:00 AM


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