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How to throw an unforgettable school's out sleepover

Hey sleepover superstars!  Aren’t you just soo psyched that school is out and you have the whole summer for some sleepover fun? Us too… so why not spice up your next slumber party bash by incorporating some of these cool ideas?
Supply the Summer Snacks
Every sleepover needs something yummy to tickle those taste buds and keep the energy goin’!  Instead of the typical popcorn and candy choice, why not opt for something a little more summer-friendly? Cool off with some delicious lemonade, roast up some sweet s'mores, kick it up a notch with chips and salsa or go all-out and get mom and pops to help you grill some summer faves like hot dogs and hamburgers. Or make your own ice cream pie! Get a great recipe RIGHT HERE!
When you've got all your munchies, have a picnic outdoors!  Grab your favorite blanket and snacks and head outside to chow down together under the stars!
Pump Up the Volume
Have you ever heard of a party with no music? Neither have we! That’s why for your ultimate summer sleepover bash you should be well prepared with rockin’ upbeat tunes to celebrate the season! Make a playlist with all-new summer faves like "Problem" by Ariana Grande.
Or go old-school with classic summer james like "Summer of ’69" by Bryan Adam, Bob Marley's "Sun is Shining", "California Girls" by the Beach Boys, Will Smith's "Summertime" and "Summer Lovin’" from Grease! Or choose reggae or tropical music to make you feel like you're on a faraway vacay. Choose music that fits your mood and shake it with all your sistahs! Get more great summer song ideas RIGHT NOW!
Summer on the Silver Screen
A movie is the ultimate sleepover activity! A summertime flick amps up the "woo-hoo, school's out!" attitude. Pick a romantic-comedy to lighten up the mood or a scary-thriller to get everyone’s heart racing! 
Our faves? The Parent Trap (the newer one with Lindsay Lohan, or the old-school '60s fave), Jaws (eek not for our scaredy-cat sistahs!), Independence Day (a li'l spooky with a happy ending), National Lampoon’s Vacation (so LOL-worthy!) and Dirty Dancing (SWOON!).
DIY Yearbooks!
Sure you have your school's yearbook, but why don't you and your girls make your own?  Gather up some of your funniest photos from the school year. Write little captions underneath any of the photos so you'll always remember your great times. Vote each of your pal's a funny superlative: "Most likely to have her own talk show," "Best diva dance moves," or "Most likely to be a millionaire."
Don't forget to include your hopes for next school year  – to get straight A's in science, finally flirt with that older cutie you've been crushin' on, or try out for the tennis team. You can also write down your plans for the WAY future. Where will you be in 15 years? Who will you marry? What city do you wanna live in?
Old-School Games With a Twist
Got game? Play a friendly game of freeze tag once the summer night cools off a li'l bit. Or try this updated take on a potato sack race. Use your sleeping bag as a sack and make bets that the winner gets first dibs on the ice cream! 

BY GL ON 5/31/2014 12:00:00 AM


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