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Cool Clay Pens


Hey, all you babysittin' gals!  Bored of the same old sitting routine?  Want to spice things up and have a little fun? Why not try this cool and creative clay pen arts 'n craft? 

It's super easy, a lot of fun, and will have you going back to school with the most original pen around!  Here is what to do and how to make it:

What You'll Need:

BIC round stic pen, flat-nose pliers, polymer clay (we used Sculpey  III in purple, violet, hot pink and lime in the 2-ounce size), rolling 
pin, paring knife, toothpick

What You'll Do:

1. Roll and squeeze each color of polymer clay until the clay becomes soft and pliable.

2. With pliers, grasp the tip of the pen, gently pull ink cartridge out and set aside.

3. Using a rolling pin, create a flat piece of violet-colored clay about 5 inches long, 1-1/2 inches wide and 1/16-inch thick. Be sure it's large enough to cover the plastic pen casing.

4. Lay the pen on the clay sheet, and gently roll up. Lightly mark the clay where the edges meet. Carefully unroll the pen some, and trim away any excess clay (cut it a bit short - dont allow the clay to overlap).  Gently roll the covered pen back and forth until the gap is closed. Apply a bit more pressure at the tapered end of the pen so the clay will gather smoothly around. Trim clay at both ends of the pen.

5. Roll a hunk of lime clay into a long 1/16-inch thick piece (like a worm!).  Wind the lime around the violet to make a vine.  If the vine   breaks, it's OK for it to start and stop.

6. Shape five 1/8-inch lime teardrops.  Flatten them along the vines for leaves.

7. Shape hot pink clay into five 1/4-inch teardrops, and flatten midpoint on the pen into a flower pattern.  Place an 1/8-inch flattened lime ball in flower's center, and roll the pen to slightly flatten the vine and flower.  Put a tiny purple ball in the center of the flower.

8. Shape five 1/2-inch purple and five 1/2-inch hot pink petals. Gently hold the pen upright. Press the purple petals onto the top of the pen. Layer hot pink petals on top of the purple.  Press the purple down to touch the pen case.  Gently press the hot pink down so the tips curl between the purple.

9. Flatten a 1/4-inch lime ball into center of flower.  Press a 1/4-inch purple ball on top of the lime circle.  Prick flower center with a toothpick.

10. Line a baking sheet with foil. Bake pen 15 minutes at 250 degrees. Let cool completely.  Push the ink cartridge back in by pressing the tip into a layer of potholders.

-Amy Koranek

POSTED ON 7/13/2009 7:00:00 AM


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