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Snag That Job: Dos and Don'ts


School's starting up...and for some of ya that means getting an after-school gig to earn some extra green. Totally confuzzled on how to score a job? Don't be.

GL's got dos and don'ts for catching a job that'll earn you extra cash!

Do. Look cute when you fill out your application. Don't be afraid to dress up when you go to your place of work and ask how to apply. It shows the boss you care!

Do. Give your potential employer a friendly and firm handshake. It'll show him or her you're enthusiastic and professional.

Do. Be proactive in your job hunt. Pick-up a newspaper to look for jobs. Lots of jobs like coffee baristas, babysitters, and busgirlies are listed in the classifieds section of your local newspaper. Talk to family members, neighbors and friends to see if they know who's hiring.

Do. Smile big on the phone when you're talking to your future boss. Believe it or not, you can def tell when someone is smiling over the phone. And flashing your pearly whites to 'em in person? Even better! It shows you're energetic and excited to start.

Do. Bring phone numbers of people ya know who can give you a good reference. Your soccer coach, your godmother, your teacher, your mom's friend—all good people to put as refs for your boss to call to check that you're legit.


Don't. Be late for your interview. Make sure you already know how to get to the location before you leave. Mapquest or Google directions. If the 'rents are driving make sure you leave a li'l early in case there's traffic. Are you walking there? Leave yourself a few extra mins just in case you wanna do a quick prep up in a nearby bathroom or mirror.

Don't. Look at the floor when you're talking. It's all about the eye contact, sistah! Holding a gaze for three-five seconds should do the trick. Any longer and you might look a little, um, creepy.

Don't. Think you can't do it. Confidence will help you land that job. You can do anything you set your mind to. Before you go to the interview give yourself a little pep talk and point out all the reasons why you're PERFECTLY qualified to get this position.

Don't. Stop after filling out one application. Sometimes you have to put in apps at several different places to get an interview. So make sure you've got plenty of pens!

Go out there and get 'em!

BY MEGAN PARKER ON 9/6/2009 7:00:00 AM


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