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Your Very Own VMAs

So, our sleepover idea is totally inspired by the VMAs this week.
This Saturday, invite all of your chicas over to create and star in your very own music vids.
Even cooler? The next morning you and your gals can vote on who had the greatest vid. Just make sure no spotlight-stealin' divas (a la Kanye West) are invited to this bash!

Setting the Stage

Before your girls arrive, gather all your fave music videos and tell your friends to bring theirs, too! Or just have your ladies make a list and you can look 'em up on YouTube. Have a ton of makeup and costumes available so you can transform everyone into a star. Check with your 'rents to see if you can borrow their video camera. Don't have one? Ask a pal to bring hers. Round up some fun props—blankets, old holiday decor, anything that'll make your music vid unique.

Snacking Like a Star

The night of the big event, set up munchies on a long table, buffet style. Some of our fave starworthy choices? Chips 'n' dip, veggie plates and cookies. (Psst! Get tons of easy recipes RIGHT HERE). This way everyone can eat whenever they want. You can put sodas in a cooler for easy access. It'll feel like you're on a professional set!


Watch all of your fave music videos before you and your gals decide what to make. Once you've got some great ideas, get your props ready. You can make a video for a song that you girls love. Or you could write and sing your own lyrics. Even cooler? Have EACH girl at the shindig choose a song (made-up or her fave) and create her own personal music video.

Movie Time

Choose a diff chica to play director each time around. Give each gal a part—singers, dancers, characters in a story line—it's your call! Don't forget hair and makeup so each of your ladies looks oh-so-ready for their specific roles. You can dress up like your fave start or create your own celeb alter-ego. Choreograph dance moves or copy anything you liked in your top vids. Lights...camera...aaand action. Repeat this to make as many videos as ya want. Keep on producing until it's time for you to hit the hay.

Play Back

The next morning, cook up some breakfast and watch your brilliant videos. Make a li'l trophy and have each girl vote (secret ballot, obvi) for who they thought had the best video. Or, you could make superlatives like "Best Dance Video" "Best Costumes" "Best Singing" "Best Set" or "Best Makeup." Voila! It's your very own version of the VMAs.

-Eryn Greaney

BY GL ON 9/18/2009 7:00:00 AM


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