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3 Hot Homecoming Looks!

We love homecoming, ‘cause it’s all about fun with your BFFs and isn’t as fancy as prom. The key to fab fall hair and makeup is keeping it simple, not overdone.
Our three fave homecoming looks are easy enough to do yourself, and are flattering on everyone. Get your glam on!
You’re all about effortless elegance. Think shimmery eyes, lush lips and wavy hair. Could it get any prettier?

Long, fluttery lashes are key to lookin’ feminine and flirty. First curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, then swipe on a couple of coats of a lengthening mascara. A sweep of mauve shadow keeps eyes lookin’ sweet.
Eyeshadow in Glamorous, $3, eyeslipsface.com

 Skip the traditional pink pucker and opt for a pretty peach gloss. It looks super-modern, but still soft and subtle.

 To finish off your lovely look, dust your shoulders with a shimmer powder.Fairytale pretty!
Use a curling iron to sculpt your hair into ringlets. Run your fingers through your strands to loosen ‘em up. Gather hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Use a couple pretty barrettes or floral pins to finish off your ‘do.

Bold eyes and runway-inspired hair is what ya need if you wanna wow ’em on the dance floor. Turn heads, girlie!

To create a dramatic effect, use black liquid liner on your top lids. Extend the liner slightly behind your last line, to get a winged look. Line your bottom lids in a shimmery blue pencil to add bit of color. The rest of your face should be relatively makeup-free, to keep the emphasis on your lips and eyes.
Slap some color on that pucker. Try a fuchsia lipstick for a pout that screams pretty ‘n’ punk.
 Forget about shiny, girly polishes and paint your digits with a dark matte lacquer. Unexpectedly cool, girl.
Pull hair back into a high, tight ponytail. Apply a bit of gel to the front, to get a seriously shiny style. Use a rattail comb to tease the back of the pony and give it major poof. The cool contrast is way trendy.

Au Naturale
Bring out your gorgeousness by letting your natural beauty shine. Great for when you’ve gotta get ready in a hurry, too!
Smooth concealer on any blemishes you might have. Brush on a sheer mineral powder to your face for a flawless finish.
Apple a tan shadow to your lids and a couple quick coats of mascara. Opt for a light pink gloss on your lips and pop the tube in your clutch to touch up later.

Almay Pure Blends Eye Shadow in Oatmeal, $8, riteaidonlinestore.com
Give your cheeks a healthy glow with a rosy blush. Don’t go overboard, and be sure to blend.

Cheek Color in Heather Pink, $16, thebodyshop-usa.com 
Skip a full-on mani by hitting nails with one coat of a sheer polish. Right now, we’re loving icy, barely-there whites.

Kyoto Pearl, $8, nailpolishdiva.com

When it comes to a cute ‘do, stick to something subtle. Got straight hair? Go for a low, side braid with a couple of pretty bobby pins to keep stray strands in place. Are you a girl with curls or waves? Apply an anti-frizz serum to damp hair and blowdry using a diffuser. You’ve got that laidback, pretty style, like Vanessa Hudgens.  

BY MEGAN PARKER ON 9/24/2009 3:28:00 PM


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