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Cozy-up your room!

Cold weather keepin' ya inside? Sigh. If the weather outside is frightful, keeping your room cozy is a must. Spruce up your space so it's all warm 'n' toasty before winter sets in.

An adorable fleece blanket is great to snuggle up to in snowy weather. No need to stash it when you're done—just toss it over a chair or fold it at the bottom of your bed to give your room a super comfy feel.


TIP: The warmest colors for rooms are typically reds, oranges, and browns. For a fast fix without painting four walls, throw some colored pillows on your bed for a burst of cozy.


Kick back in bed with some books or homework. This fab bed desk is perf for your laptop or your copy of Jane Eyre. Lounge in your jammies all day but still get your work done.


Wood Bed Desk with Tilt Top, $30, bedbathandbeyond.com

TIP: While cramming for quizzes and tests in bed is usually a big no-no, studying in bed is OK—as long as you stay focused. Making flashcards and copying some notes are both bed-worthy moves. As a reward relax with a movie under your covers when you're done!

Cozy up a corner or two with some cute candles! Lighting a few around your room adds just the right touch of whimsy and a way-sweet smell. Just remember to blow out the flame when you’re peacin' out of your place! 


TIP: Reed diffusers are a great alternative to candles since they're less messy and you don't have to blow 'em out before you leave.


Flip a switch and place a little lamp next to your bed for some extra soft light. Adding some illumination always ups a space's cheer factor. A glitter lava lamp adds sparkle to your space.


LAVA® Glitter Table Lamp, $30, amazon.com

TIP: There are two super important places to have light in your room: your desk and your bedside table. Choose a fun, funkier lamp for a dash of pizzazz while you're solving math problems. An easily reachable lamp right near your sleep space is best for late-night reading.

An area rug is an instant room booster. A shag will style up your space and add some funk to your floor Already have a carpeted room? No prob! Throw one down anyway...a little extra cushion never hurt anyone!


Leaf Silhouette Black & White, $40, walmart.com

TIP: Don't wanna shell out the big bucks? Ask your fam or friends if they have any extra carpet squares from any recent room redos. Cut into a creative shape—like a heart—to make it even cuter!

BY TAELER LOTTINO ON 10/30/2009 1:28:00 PM


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