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December/January 2010

*~*Check out what’s HOT in this issue*~*
Victoria’ Secrets
She played the sweet sidekick on Zoey 101, but now this lucky leading lady is nabbing her own show Victorious on Nickelodeon. GL’s new fave femme Victoria Justice confesses just how far she would go for a boy, being dissed at the door by a bestie at a bash and her speedy road to fame.

Extra, extra! The scoop on NINE more of Hollywood’s hottest for the New Year! 
Check out Victoria's first peak at the new issue!
Taylor Lautner: Howling Hottie
Can’t wait to catch this cutie light up the screen in New Moon (out Nov. 20)? We caught up with the adorable 17-year-old werewolf to dish the deets on his dream girl, playing Jacob and what his fans should never ask him to do.
Watch Now! New Moon: Meet Jacob Black

Wear This to the Party
HOT holiday trends that will have you looking amazing at every party. Plus, easy beauty ideas to get you gorgeous!

Bella of the Ball
Vamp up your beauty bin with our Twilight-inspired makeup picks.

31 Days of Festive Freebies!
Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, GL’s checkin’ off your wish list with amazing holiday goodies. Enter for your chance to win hot electronics, sparkling accessories and cozy threads to warm up your winter. Plus, one gamer girl nabs the ultimate grand prize giveaway with an Xbox 360 console and games to boot! Download the December Holiday Hits Giveaway Calendar now!

WIN a Spa Getaway to Sunny Florida!
Get pampered all month long. Plush PJs, must-have beauty picks, hot hair tools and more! Kick up your twinklers and get ready to say ahh-mazing with our sweetest soothing staples this season. GRAND PRIZE! Score a four-night stay in The Shore Resort and Spa with your mom! Download the January Spoil Yourself Giveaway Calendar to get a load of what’s in store!

Want more goodies? Enter NOW thru December 24th to win awesome finds from our holiday gift guide right here on Girlslife.com!

Prezzies for pennies (for everyone on your list!)
Looking for super cheap and cute prezzies to dish to your fave fam and friends? Wrap up our gorgeous DIY gifts!
GL Editors share their fave gifts to give for the holidays and how to make 'em. Check them out HERE!

Handle Holiday Headaches
From shufflin’ door-to-door between ‘rents to flying solo at the winter social, we’ve got the remedy to cure your festive frowns. Plus, real girls share their most not-so merry mortifying moments (they cringed, you'll LOL!). 

Feel amazing by Jan 1st
GL’s Healthy You Program has a glossy new makeover for 2010! Athlete interviews, eat right tips and our fave new workouts. Check out what’s in store for the New Year by CLICKING HERE!

Are you our next blogger babe? We’re on the hunt for one girl who wants to share her health and fitness adventures on Girlslife.com. CLICK HERE for the deets.

GL’s Awesomely Spectacular 2010 Astro Chart
Want your future forecast for the New Year? Lola’s got your outlook from the stars to make this your best year yet!

Bonus: Check out your December and January horoscopes HERE!

GL Special Report: Lifted
More teens than ever are turning to stealing as a way to get everything from jewelry to UGGs. But do you know the real consequences and dangers of shoplifting?
QUIZ! Are you a good flirt?
When it comes to getting guys are you making the right moves?

1) The snowboarder your BFF has been crushing on is H-O-T. What do you two talk about the first time you meet?

a) Ask where his friends are. Maybe he has a gorge pal for you.
b) All the backcountry runs you want to hit. So what if you really can’t snowboard? He seems impressed by your “skills.”
c) Blurt out a quick “hi,” then head into the lodge alone. Sigh. If only you could find a guy that cute.

2) Your favorite part of gym class is…
a) Asking the buff boys to show you their technique for push-ups.
b) Wowing your current cutie with your wicked volleyball serve.
c) Catching a glimpse of your longtime crush playing b-ball while you shoot hoops across the gym.

WANT MORE? Be sure to check out these fab stories and LOADS MORE in our new December/January issue ON NEWSSTANDS AND IN MAILBOXES NOVEMBER 17th!

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What's HOT on Girlslife.com for December and January!

Be the Bell of the Bash!
Our foolproof guide to partying like a pro

GL’s Gift Guide for Guys
The best buys for your fave boys

PERFECT! Big-night Looks all under $50

5 Minute Hair and Makeup Ideas
Heading-out-the-door hints that guarantee gorgeous

Mistletoe Alert!
Find a date by New Year’s Eve

POSTED ON 11/13/2009 7:25:00 AM

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