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Action-Adventure Sleepover

Take a break from your ho-hum day-to-day and go on a fun adventure!
Guess what?
No travel needed, you can experience all sorts of thrills from the comfort of your own home.

Grab your cape, gather up your best girls and get set to go-go-go!

Setting the Scene

Make sure your decor is totally action-packed. Get some cool army camo or shiny fabric and drape it around your house. You could also hang up posters of famous superheros like Spider-man, Wonderwoman and Batman. Turn off any super bright lights and play theme songs to your fave adventure movies for added flair.


Take your taste buds on their own adventure with these new takes on old faves. Put each dish into an unlabeled bowl. Blindfold your friends and make 'em take a forkful of each creation (psst! Chop up cookies or small stuff into bite-sized bits and put toothpicks in 'em to make it easier!). Turn them around (so they can't see the food) and have them write on a "secret palette" sheet of paper a very specific name of the food they think they're tasting. Repeat for each station. Since you cooked 'em up you gotta play judge. Girl who gets the closest guess to the dish gets first dibs. Eat 'em during the movie of your choice.

Here's some we suggest:


Action Flicks
Head over to the movie rental store and pick out a few thrill-a-minute movies to watch.

Here's a few of our faves:

-The Incredibles
-Indiana Jones
-Batman Begins
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-Escape to Witch Mountain
-Spy Kids
-Harry Potter
-Swiss Family Robinson
-The Chronicles of Narnia
-The Dark Knight

Want to stir up some of your own action? We've got some ideas!


Space Invader Flashlight Tag

Tired of traditional flashlight tag? Try this new take on your old fave. Gather up a bunch of flashlights or have each friend bring her own. Choose one girl, give her a flashlight and have her start off as "the space invader." Everyone else gets 30 seconds to hide. Players are allowed to switch hiding places and shuffle around in the dark. If the flashlight shines on you, you've been abducted and must join forces with your flashlight-carrying friend. A newly tagged person picks up a flashlight and joins the head space invader on the hunt. Keep playing until one girl is left—she's the sole survivor!

Create Your Own Superhero

Since you were probably inspired by the all the flying and fantasy you saw in the films, it's time to get creative and dream up your own superhero. Tell your guests to bring old clothing, the funnier the better—crowns, wands, hats, sparkly threads, etc. (psst! Old Halloween and dance costumes should do the trick!). Let your ladies pick pieces of clothing to make a super-cool outfit. Then, make a neat name for your new alter-ego and maybe a li'l story behind her. Shazzam!

-Eryn Greaney

BY GL ON 12/11/2009 7:00:00 AM


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