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Bring the Holidays to Your Bedroom

Are you all about the holiday season? Do you wait all year for the bright lights, colder temps and snow?

Decorate your own bedroom so it’s as festive inside as it is in your living room!
Spruce up your space with these great picks...
Merry Lights!
One of the surefire signs of the holidays is lotsa lights and bright bulbs, so buy a strand or several. Put ‘em up around your window or along the top of your wall. They add a bright, festive touch every time it gets dark out. Pick up traditional multi-colored bulbs or go with one color instead. Feel even funkier? Try these snowflake shiners. And don't blame us if you like 'em so much you keep them up year-round.

Tip: If you don’t wanna buy lights, see if there are any old strands lying around the boxes of decorations in your house. Usually your parents will have extras you can use.

Adorable Ornaments
Put a mini-tree up in your room to really up the ante. Pay tribute to all creatures big and small with a cutesy ornament like this wee li'l mouse. Don’t celebrate with a tree? Ornaments make great décor anywhere around your boudoir.
Country Mouse Family, Child, $14, anthropologie.com

Festive Fireplace
Nope, we’re not askin’ you to go out there and build your own chimney. But hey, you might be able to fool your gift-givers with this festive fireplace. Either way, it’s super-cute and adds a cozy charm to your bedroom. Bonus? It’s fabs up your space all season long.
Cardboard Fireplace, $24, urbanoutfitters.com

Step 'n' Smell the Season
Who doesn’t love sweet treats? Now you don't even have to wait for your family's annual bake-off to enjoy the delish aroma of holiday cookies. Yummy!

Christmas Cookie Large Jar Candle, $25, yankeecandle.com

 Deck Your Desk
All that homework before the holidays got you feeling more ho-hum than ho-ho-ho? Here’s a fast fix—a sweet li’l gingerbread snowglobe. Cute, seasonal and sooo fun to shake up after seven pages of science lab reports.

Festive Throw Rug
Throw down some holiday cheer with this super-cute snowman rug. Have it all set to greet guests before they enter your festive chamber or put it in the middle of your room for an added seasonal punch. Perf!

Holiday EveryWheres Rug, $17, jcpenney.com

DIY Snowflakes
Wanna add some seasonal decor but don't have dollars to dish out for it? Get crafty with these homemade snowflakes. It's the perfect way to let it snow all winter long.

1. You need a square piece of paper (cut a rectangular sheet down to a square) to fold horizontally.
2. Fold again in half so you get a smaller triangle.
3. With the longest side facing you, take the right side of the paper triangle and fold at the point. The right side of the paper should now be directly down the center of the triangle (the point will be hanging over the bottom of your larger triangle). Fold the left side over at the point so it matches up with the other side.
4. You should now have two folds and two points hanging over the bottom edge of your original triangle.
5. Cut off the points in one cut so that you now have a triangle again (and no weird pieces of paper sticking out).
6. You should now have a folded triangle.
7. Make your designs using a pencil. Craft 'em up with sharp edges, soft edges or a combo of both and then cut your design out.
8. Open it up and voila! You have a snowflake.
9. Use glitter pens and loose glitter to add sparkle.
10. Tie a string and tape to your ceiling!


-Liz Lebedda

BY LIZ LEBBEDA ON 12/11/2009 7:00:00 AM


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