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Five reasons to play Scene It? Twilight for Wii

Sure, you might’ve watched the Twilight DVD a gazillion times, or caught New Moon more than even Taylor Lautner’s abs could handle, but are you up for the ultimate Twilight trivia challenge?

Scene It? Twilight for Wii is the perfect accessory for a night on the couch with the gals. Testing players with over 500 multiple-choice questions, puzzles and mini-games only true Twihards would know all of the answers to, it’s a fab way to dip into your competitive side while showing your undying love for Edward and Jacob.

Fans of the flick ourselves, we were up for a little challenge and tested out the game, sharing five fabulous reasons why you should grab your Wii remote and play along, too…
You can re-live your fave movie scenes
Some of the rounds start off with a clip from the flick, followed by a slew of multiple-choice questions. The most exciting thing about it? Waiting in anticipation, as ya never know which clip might pop up next! 

You can get ultra-competitive with your bestie
From finishing incomplete phrases from the film, to moving your Wii remote to reveal different movie imagery, timing is everything. Shake you Wii remote during “buzz in” rounds during multi-player mode to beat your BFF to the punch, grabbing the right answer before she’s even done reading the Q. But be forewarned: questions answered incorrectly during the “Twilightening Round” (the final round of each game) will lose you points.

You get to hang with Carlisle Cullen
Yep, you read that right. The voice of Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Cullen in the film, narrates portions of the game. And while we admit some of the lines he says to winners after a round are a bit tacky (“You sparkle like a diamond,” really?!) his familiar voice, paired with cryptic background music and constant rain trickling on the screen, truly puts you in the Forks mindset. 

You receive some special treats
The more questions you answer, the more bonus footage you snag. And, yes, you can stare into Rob Pattinson’s dreamy eyes whenever you want. Uncover special photo albums of stills from the film, which you can flip through over and over again!

Flex play
From switching the amount of questions you can answer in each round (don’t want just 10, you can up it to 20 or 30?), as well as single and multi-player modes, this video game is one you can keep coming back to.

Be sure to check out Scene It? Twilight for Wii (in stores now) and let us know your thoughts.

Are you a fan of trivia games? Blog about it, babes.

By: Patricia McNamara

BY GL ON 12/16/2009 7:00:00 AM


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