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February/March 2010

*~*Check out what’s HOT in this issue*~*
Taylor’s Love Lessons
Mega superstar Taylor Swift sat down with GL to spill the deets on the 10 rules she swears by when it comes to love. Plus her dos and don’ts for what makes the perfect V-day.

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Nick Jonas: One-Man Show
Li’l bro Nick is flying solo from his Jonas Brothers trio (just for a bit) and going on tour with a new album. We caught up with this cutie to have him give us the scoop on his latest projects, Who I Am and Camp Rock 2.
Shout-out from Nick Jonas to YOU!

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Win designer dresses!
This Happy Heart’s Day, we’re showering you with over 160 pink and red goodies. Grand Prize: One fierce fashionista will be the belle of the ball in three designer dresses from Aiden Mattox. Download the February “Think Pink & Red Giveaway” by CLICKING HERE!
Win a closet full of shoes!
From hot heels to fab flats, you’ll be singing in the hottest rain boots for the new season. Plus, one lucky lady wins a whole new shoe wardrobe worth over $600 dollars. Download the March “Shoes for You Giveaway” by CLICKING HERE!

6 moves that’ll send him running
Are you sending the right signals to snag your crush? The surprising things you could be doing wrong…and how to fix them.
Get swept away with oh-so pretty ruffles, lace and florals.

Stay warm and cute: Layers that actually flatter!
Can’t wait to wear your new spring stuff? Here’s how to pile on clothes without looking like you piled on pounds. GL’s flattering finds will keep you looking and feeling hot.
The secrets to great skin all year ‘round
Beat the winter weather blues and finally get glowing, clear skin. Must-dos for every skin type.

Learn to Love…YOU!
8 unique, beautiful qualities to love about yourself right now.

GL BODY: How Gross Are You?
Is eating something that’s been dropped on the floor for really that bad? How disgusting are public toilets? Find out the real deal on how germy or surprisingly-not-so gross some scenarios really are.
Is he better off as your BGF or BF?
Crushing on your closest guy friend? Will your relationship rock—or sink like a stone?

1. OMG! Brady, the varsity b-ball captain, thinks you’re cute! When you gush the news to your BGF over lunch, what’s his reaction?
a. He shrugs and makes a crack about asking Cassie, the head cheerleader, so you can all double date.
b. He tells ya that Brady’s game ain’t so great this year, and besides, didn’t he cheat on his last GF?
c. Says, “That’s cool, he seems like a good guy,” and suggests the two of you watch his game together on Saturday.

2. You snagged the lead in your school’s production of Romeo and Juliet. It’s opening night; where’s your boy bud?
a. Sitting front and center with a huge bouquet of flowers for you on his lap.
b. On stage with ya. He’s not into acting, but you persuaded him to do it so you could have him around to practice lines.
c. Sneaking in during intermission with his crew. Shakespeare isn’t quite his thing, but he’ll sit through one act for you.

WANT MORE? Be sure to check out these fab stories and LOADS MORE in our new February/March issue ON NEWSSTANDS AND IN MAILBOXES JANUARY 20th!

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What’s HOT on Girlslife.com for February and March!

Be an amazing kisser
Our most sizzling smooching secrets…revealed!

5 fab ideas for you and your besties
Show your girls the love this V-Day

60-second beauty secrets!
Quick tricks inspired by our fave celebs

Wear THIS on your date (and it’s under $30!)

30 Days to a total body makeover
We’re here to help make your resolutions a reality

POSTED ON 1/11/2010 1:09:00 PM

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