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Five fab V-day ideas for you and your bestie

Will you be my Valentine? Get ready for hearts, smooches and tons of fun because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! But for all you chicas flying solo, what’s a girl to do? 
Instead of spending this love-filled day lonely, share some time with the gal you heart the most—your BFF, of course! GL’s got five fun (and fab) ideas to show your girl the love this V-day.
Motion Picture-Perfect
Nix the swarms of lovey-dovey couples heading to the theaters, and host a movie night at your house starring you and your closest gals. Snag a tub of popcorn and movie candy and pop in your fave chick flicks. Whether you’re watching classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, tearing up to The Notebook, or quoting the best lines from Mean Girls, you’re night is sure to be worthy of five stars.
Fit to a Tea
Call it old-fashioned, but a tea party with the girls can be a lot of fun. Serve up some light fare sandwiches, heart-shaped cookies, and of course, your fave teas (or other drinks). Have fun decorating the place settings and getting all dolled up in your most chic ensembles. Chat it up and enjoy. Can you say old school glamour?

Get Crafty
Call up your single sistahs and let the creativity flow! Instead of buying V-day gifts, get crafty and make some together. And while your working on those masterpieces, catch up and swap funny stories. Try making some cool accessories, friendship bracelets, or even funky frames to house pics of your and your bff’s.  It’ll be colorful to say the least!
With all that hard work in school and after, it’s OK to pamper yourself every now and then.  Spas can be waaay pricey, so enjoy the perks of the spa…at home! Whip up a hydrating face mask, make some tasty cucumber sandwiches and yummy fruit smoothies, and kick back to relax with your girl. Experiment with funky mani-pedi’s, straight-outta-the-magazine make up, and new do’s. You’ll be glowing from the inside and out.
Dinner for two (or more!)
A dinner date can be oh-so-romantic, but if you’re flying solo, getting a table to dine on V-day can be kinda awk (not to mention impossible!). Forget the fancy restaurants, and have all your besties bring over a fave dish or two. Deck out your space with some colorful valentine’s placemats, heart-covered napkins, pink and red streamers, the works.  Dinner is served! 

BY KRISTEN YEUNG ON 1/11/2010 10:18:00 AM


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