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A Day in the Life of a GL Intern: GL's New BGF

Taylor Swift...two mags and a bracelet in this photo alone

Hey ladies! I’m Mike and I’m stoked to be a new intern here at GL because I’m pretty much the biggest guy Taylor Swift fan out there. I’m also a musician that writes my own songs like her, and I sing and play piano, guitar, bass, and drums so she’s a big inspiration for me. 

Role models rock!

I love GL magazine because of the inspiring artists they feature. I always wear Taylor’s bracelet that reads LOVE LOVE LOVE and I live by that saying.

I love to love and am inspired by positive role models like Taylor, Selena, Demi, Miley and JB who encourage me to pursue my dreams in writing, acting, film and music. Best part is...at GL, I get to write about them.

Best Guy Friend Forever

I feel right at home working at GL since I’ve always been the best guy friend to my girl pals growing up. I’m as guy as you can get when it comes to loving sports and trying to be a rock star, but hanging out with really great girls most of my life has made me a great relationship doctor...while surprisingly picking up a thing or two about fashion. So, I was psyched when GL gave me the opportunity to be that BGF to their readers.

Reviewing away
Entertainment obsessed 

Interning at GL is perfect since I like to think of myself as an artist, being involved in acting, filmmaking, and recording music. I aspire to be just like many of the Disney Channel stars who not only write some of their own music, but also have their own television shows. I know everything about their lives and am as up to date as anybody else on the latest entertainment news, whether its gossip, shows, or new albums. GL had given me the opportunity to write about my own role models and inspirations. Hopefully I can share their stories and inspire you, too.

Guys heart Tay, too

I’m a senior in college at Loyola University in Maryland majoring in Communications, specializing in Journalism. I was looking for a national magazine to intern for and I couldn’t have been any more stoked to know that Taylor was on the cover when I first started working here. To show you just how big of a fan I am, I found myself telling friends Merry Swiftmas on Christmas day. So, to my fellow Taylor fans, know that there is a pretty cool guy out there who knows just how awesome of a songwriter and person she is that is her biggest fan, and he works for GL.

BY MIKE DIAO ON 1/31/2010 8:00:00 AM


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