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Crushin' on my teacher


I think I'm in love with my teacher. It all started when he drew a heart on one of my papers. Now every time we take a test he draws a heart. At first it didn’t bother me, but now it makes me uncomfortable because I like him.

I don’t like anyone else but him, and I always think about him and I look forward to going to school just to see him. My teacher is like thirty something and he has a wife and a kid. Help!

Hey girl, sounds like you need a li’l instruction. Believe it or not, you’re not the first girl to be super-sweet on a teacher: think of Rachel Berry and Mr. Schue in Glee. When Rachel made her teacher crush obvious to Mr. Schue, he tried to gently let her down. So, think of Mr. Schue and your teacher as celebrities: they can set the standard for the fellas that you wanna go out with, but they themselves aren't datable. What’s important now is taking that crush back to admiration level and opening your eyes to the guys in front of you.

Wake-up call

Harsh reality is...your teacher getting involved with you breaks school rules and can result in him getting fired. While he may make your heart pound fast, what you need to tell yourself is that there is no way the two of you could ever last. It's all about getting over him, and the best way to do that is to distance yourself and see new possibilities. Try getting involved in a school activity—that’ll give you something else to look forward to, and it’ll work as a great distraction. Ignore the hearts he puts on your test. Good grades are something to love. Get to know the other guys around you instead. You’ll find your Mr. Right (at the right age!) really soon.

Red flag

But if your teacher is making you feel uncomfy, pipe up. Let him know that while you appreciate the mark, you’d prefer a smiley. If he’s making advances or leading you on, you need to tell a higher authority like your guidance counselor. School is supposed to foster a safe environment for learning.

Go newer...and younger!

Now here’s my tip for moving on: instead of daydreaming about your teacher, make a list of his best traits. Is he super-attentive? Does he have a great laugh? While it may seem like no guy has them, make it your challenge to find dudes who do. Your teacher may be cute and funny, but so are a lot of other guys in your class. And the good news with them? They’re your age and totally dateable! You’ll find with no time your crush on this teacher will be history.

Infinite xoxo’s,
Alyssa B.

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POSTED ON 2/4/2010 7:00:00 AM


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