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I've got an online addiction


I'm addicted to MySpace! Two of my friends live in different states and MySpace is our only connection aside from texting and calling. I don't want to leave them out in the cold, but MySpace is ruining my life! 

It's keeping me from exercising, which I need to do, and also having a normal life! How can I kick this MySpace addiction but still keep my friendships?

Hey girl, whether it be MySpace or Facebook or AIM, a lot of girls out there have some sort of online addiction so know that you are not alone! It's a hard habit to kick and like you said, it really can start to affect your life.

A limit online 

The best plan for you would be to give yourself a limit every day to spend on MySpace. You don't have to give it up all together, unless you want to. Talk to your friends and let then know how you feel. I'm sure they'll understand and maybe they even feel the same way. Ask your parents to help you come up with a reasonable limit, say maybe 30 minutes a day, and have them set a timer and sign you off when the time is up. You could also ask them to change your password to something only they know so you're not tempted to sign on throughout the day.

Set a sched

Switch it up how you communicate with your friends, too. Maybe call once during the week and once on the weekend, keep texting to say five messages each per day and then MySpace them once a day or once a week...whatever works with your schedules. You could also try to make a list of your day and divide it up amongst certain things: an hour of exercise, 30 minutes of MySpace, two hours of homework....

Branch out  

It might also be a good idea to start a new hobby to occupy your time. Is there a sport you've been wanting to try out? Get a friend or a group together and try something new after school once or twice a week. Like crafting? Start a scrapbook of pictures of your out-of-state friends to work on. Just because you're not on the computer as much doesn't mean your friendships have to suffer. I know you'll be able to work it out, babe!

-Katie S.

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POSTED ON 2/8/2010 7:00:00 AM


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