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Winter luau sleepover

The cold weather is coming to an end, but not soon enough. 

Say buh-bye to the winter blues by hosting an indoor beach sleepover. 

You'll be doing the hula in excitement! 

Decorating Delight

Think sunny paradise! Convenience and party stores sell blow-up palm trees that would make any room instantly tropical. Buy some bright pink, orange, yellow, and lime green crepe paper and use ‘em as streamers to hang from the ceiling and around your railings. A couple large hibiscus flowers would make great centerpieces for the tables.

Paradise Picnic

Serve it up picnic-style! Lay a tablecloth on the ground and put all of your munchies on it. For the main course, definitely have hot dogs and hamburgers, just like a beach BBQ. Use wooden skewers and chop some fruit and veggies, like pineapple and green pepper, and make chicken, fruit and veggie kabobs. Another perfect tropical treat is Hawaiian pizza, topped with ham and pineapple. 

And it's not a winter bash without chips, so crack out some tortillas and salsa. See GL’s recipes for Spruced Up Salsa right here.

Craft Time

Why wait until your next beach vacation to buy that cool seashell necklace when you and your babes can make your own! To prepare, buy fake seashells (or use real ones if you have 'em lying around the house), other colorful beads (try to find some that look like sea glass) and a necklace kit that includes strings and clasps. Then, craft it up! You can even make friendship necklaces as a reminder of your fun sleepover. 

Surf and Turf Activities

If you have a blow-up beach ball, use that to play an easy-peasy game of keep up (just try to keep that ball off the ground). If you want to be extra competitive, set up a line and play volleyball. Indoors (just make sure it’s a place that mom and pops approve of it first). Split the gals up in two teams and see who will win. Or, try a few indoor games of summertime fave Twister. 

Tropical Tunes

Let the shore pour outta your speakers!  Here are some of our fave beach jams. 

"Beautiful Love" –The Afters
"Surfin’ Safari" – The Beach Boys
"Someday" – The Strokes
"Kokomo" – The Beach Boys
"Pocket Full of Sunshine" – Natasha Bedingfield

When the Sun Goes Down

End the night cuddling with your besties next to the TV to watch a great girl-power movie, like Blue Crush with Kate Bosworth.

-Hallie Rybka  

BY GL ON 2/12/2010 7:00:00 AM


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