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I feel sick in health class...help!


Whenever I think or hear about something uncomfortable involving the body in any way, I feel physically sick. For example, in school we were learning about the skeletal system and my body ached all over.

When we learned about the heart and lungs, my chest hurt. Is this normal?

Hey chica,

Sounds like you have a phobia—but don’t worry too much. Pretty much everyone has a kinda out-there issue with something. FYI: A phobia is what docs call “your fears.” Some peeps are scared of bugs, spiders, blood, heights, small spaces, swimming and even soap (eek!). Each phobia has a longer scientific name, too. So no worries, you’re not alone!

Fear not!

I have a phobia, too (see! I told ya you weren't the only one). I am horrified of needles; every time I see one I cringe—sometimes I even pass out. When I see pics of a needles in text books or on TV, I always turn away or put my hand over it. The worst is when I have to get shots or my blood taken by a doc—ugh!

How to cope

The first step is admitting your problem, or in your case, your fear. You know what it is that grosses you out, so that’s a good place to start. Try avoiding sitches where you know body parts are mentioned, like certain TV shows, movies and books. If you see something that grosses you out, look away and ask your friends to tell you when it’s over. Or, try to think happy, calming thoughts (spring break, anyone?).

Everybody's body...

Yeah, there are certain things about the body that are a li'l gross and could give ya the heebie-jeebies. But just 'cause there are a zillion and one diseases and things that could go wrong out there, doesn't mean that they're going to happen to YOU. Just try to relax and feel at peace with your own body. If you're still not OK with things, you could also try talking to your teachers and maybe they can find alternative ways for you to learn.

Help from pros

If you think the problem is getting worse, talk it out with a guidance counselor or trusted adult. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re missing out on things in life because of your fears. I'm sure they'll have all sorts of ways to get past it, and just spilling about it will help you feel tons better.

-Olga B.

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POSTED ON 2/28/2010 7:00:00 AM


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