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Is my teacher creepin' on me?


I think my male history teacher likes me. He's not married and he's like 40. He acts all weird around me and I'm starting to get uncomfortable. Some person said he "dropped" his pen in front of a girl and tried to look up her skirt. I go to a private school, so all of the girls have to wear skirts. Help!

Hey girl, I’m sorry to hear about your teacher. That is def way creepy, but here’s the thing: You don’t have to sit in the sidelines. Since you’re getting massively strange signals from this dude, time to decode this debacle, stat. This teacher clearly is crossing the line, and it’s getting in the way of you and other students' learning experiences.

Assess the sitch

OK, so your teacher acts a little awk around you? Ask and see if it's happening to other girls, too. Do you know the chica who the pen incident happened to? Would she ever lie or exaggerate? Do some investigation. And think about what he does when he seems weird: Did he put a smiley on your paper once or say he loved your handwriting? He might just think you're a great student. But if he's complimenting your clothes, commenting on your body or seems flirty? Then you've got a problem on your hands.

Not a creeper?

If you answered yes to the first set of questions, your teacher might just think you're a great student, but he has an odd way of showing it. Put a li'l distance between yourself and Teach and see if you don't feel better. Still get a weird vibe, or feel like his comments were inappropriate in the first place? Time to take some serious action.

Speak up

This sounds like it might be sexual harassment, hon. And please don't blame yourself—you've done nothing wrong and you in no way have invited this, nor do you deserve it. The first thing you need to do is talk to your school’s guidance counselor. Tell her this prof is making you feel uncomfortable. Describe what he’s been doing—and specifically mention stuff like his “pen” incident. These are red flags to school administrators. If you and other girls come forward, an authority will be able to set the sitch straight, ASAP.

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