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My BFFs act like twins...and they leave ME out!


My two best friends didn't know each other last year. They became besties at the beginning of the school year. They dress the exact same and are into the exact same everything! 

They have been leaving me out on everything they do because I'm the complete opposite of them. How do I make them realize they’re leaving me out without making them mad?

Hey girl,

Sorry you’re in this complicated sitch. Problems with friends, especially best friends are never fun to deal with.

Talk it out

I know it’s not easy, but you gotta be honest and confront your chicas. Let them know that it’s not fair to leave you out, especially if you were the one who introduced them to each other. There’s nothing wrong with all three of you hanging out together. If they’re your true friends, they’ll understand. Write it in a note or confront them separately, so they don't feel like you're cornering them. Let them know that you wanna hang and do stuff that combines everyone's interests, or that you're willing to compromise and try some of the stuff they're into, if they'll give yours a go, too.

Opposites attract

In a way, it's great that you’re the complete opposite of you're two besties! Being unique allows you to bring all sorts of different views and perspectives into the friendship. When I was in high school, I hung out with the same three gals—we called ourselves the fantastic four. Yep, we made tees and everything! But most importantly, every one of us was completely different from the other. Each person brought new ideas and activities to the table. Matter of fact, we’re all still great friends!

Rethinking relationships

On the other hand, you gotta be be prepped in case your gals don’t understand where you’re comin' from. As we said before, if they’re your true friends, they’ll understand and start to include you again. Friends come and go sometimes, so you gotta look for gals that’ll love you for who you are. Be you. If they can't accept ya, join new activities and find peeps who share and respect your interests.

Good luck girl, stay strong!

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POSTED ON 3/17/2010 7:00:00 AM


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