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Easter Crafts: Egg-travaganza!

Easter is almost here! If you’re so over done-before dip-dyed Easter eggs, try our some of these fun alternatives.
GL's bringing ya totally fab, not floppy, crafts to get you into the bunny spirit! Gather your besties or sibs and make it a fun affair for all.

Hollowed-out eggs area little more of a challenge—and feels less like preschool—and creates a beautiful decoration you can keep for years. Now, these guys are fragile to work with so use caution. You might need to have a practice run before you make your real deco.

What You’ll Need
A room temperature egg (don’t boil it)
A needle
Elmer’s Glue
Pastel-colored Ribbon

1. Take the needle and stick it into the top of the egg to puncture a little hole. Then make a hole in the bottom that’s a bit larger. Make sure you poke a hole in the yoke, too.
2. Put your mouth over the first hole and gently blow over a bowl. The contents of the egg will slowly come out. Keep blowing it out until the egg is hollow.
3. Let the egg dry completely.
4. Use the glue to drizzle designs over the egg.
5. Gently roll the egg around in glitter so it gets covered. Blow off any extra glitter that isn’t stuck to the glue.

You can display your decoration on a candleholder or hang it with your wire. Put the wire through the bottom hole and up through the top. Twist the bottom into a circle so that the egg can rest on the wire. Then form the top of the wire into a hook. Tie a long piece of ribbon into a bow at the top by the hook and wind it loosely around down to the top of the egg and tie another bow. So pretty!


Get your creative juices flowing and shower your besties and fam with this sweet craft!

What You’ll Need:
Big, colorful plastic eggs
Easter chocolates
Cute stationary
Sparkly confetti

1. Open each egg and put in two small pieces of Easter candies.
2. Add some sparkly confetti.
3. On the stationary, write your friend or fam a note on why they mean so much to you.
4. Decorate with stickers and other fun doodles.
5. Seal up the egg and get to shellin’ out the warm and fuzzies!
Blog it out...Have an egg-cellent idea of your own? Share your Easter crafts with the GL crew!

By: Megan Parker and Megan Hole

POSTED ON 4/1/2010 7:00:00 AM


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