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Egg-cellent Easter Party!

The bunnies are out and about, and the sun is shinin’! You guessed it…it’s finally Easter!
Kick the weekend off with your chickies a little early with a totally egg-cellent Easter party!
A Bunny Surprise
A pretty invite will make this party irresistible. Purchase adorable plush bunnies (tip: you can find inexpensive ones at a dollar store) and print out a cute invite with all the fun info for your party. Punch a hole in the paper, and tie it to the bunny’s ear with a colorful ribbon. Deliver the invites to your friend’s houses and set them on the doorstep. A bunny surprise will be such a treat!
Pastel Pretty
Easter is all about pretty pastels, so make your party colorful and lively. Take advantage of the spring weather and set up tables outside. With tablecloths, plates and cups in pretty pastel colors, the party will be brought to life. Tie eggs with ribbon around your yard (whether on tree branches, fences or even your chairs). Buy or pick pretty flowers, and place them in pastel colored vases around the table. And hey, if it’s still a little chilly outside, just set up everything inside…no stressin’ chica! Check out our Easter Crafts for cute ideas!
What's Up, Doc?
What’s a bunny’s favorite food? Carrots, of course! So make veggie trays with all of your faves and some yummy dip. But don’t forget, you can’t have a party without some sweets. Before the party, make sugar cookies and use a bunny shaped cookie cutter to cut them. Once it’s time to eat, bring out the cookies and get some colorful icing, sprinkles and candy. Let everyone decorate their own bunnies and then chow down. So delish. Want more sweets? We’ve got yummy Easter Recipes ya just have to try!
Bunny Hop
What’s an Easter party without eggs? Pick up some egg dye and boil eggs before everyone arrives. Once it’s time for fun and games, bring out the eggs get to crafting beautiful egg creations. Talk about yummy art.
All egged out? Put on your hopping shoes and put a new spin on a classic game. Break into teams and fill baskets with plastic eggs. Line up the baskets and have each team gather across at the opposite end of the yard. Give each team a spoon. On go, the first member of each team must bunny hop down to their basket, get an egg and balance it on the spoon while they walk back without dropping it. When they reach their team again, pass off the spoon and let the next member go. The first team to finish wins, so hop to it!

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You're in homeroom and your friend asks you what you got for question three on your homework. You realize that you didn't even do it.
What do you do?!


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