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5 things you must do before the final bell rings

Celebrate warm weather and the end (ish) of the school year by completing our list of 5 crazy fun things you have to do before that final bell rings. Is it summer yet?!
Snap an absolutely perfect picture with your BFFs
Take advantage of end of the year activities to take a fabulous pic of you and your best chicas. Whether at a spring dance, a class picnic, or a school awards ceremony, flash those pearly whites for the camera and say “Cheese!”

Then for a fun surprise, buy a cheap picture frame (you can find them at craft stores) and decorate it. On the last day of school, give them to your girls. They’ll be so happy to have a memory of the great school year.
Do one thing you’ve been meaning to try
Whether you’ve been too shy to audition for a solo or have had an excuse to miss ALL of your BFF’s softball games, make an effort to do one totally new thing before the quarter ends. Don’t let these opps pass ya by. Make the most of the time you have to tighten those bonds with friends and take a chance that might make next year amazing (like running to be a class officer!).
Start a pen pal list with your crew
Between vacations, camps and summer jobs, it can be tough to stay in touch with your girls. So start a pen pal system between you and all of your friends. Figure out an order and write it down so everyone has it.

Then the first person writes a letter when summer starts and sends it to the next person on the list, and the pattern continues (think Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants…minus the pants). This way you can fill everyone in on all that’s happening to you, and if you’re visiting cool places, throw some awesome post cards or CDs into the mix. Even if you’re not going anywhere, make a pact to stay in touch with notes—it’s way fun to get stuff in the mail.
Score some time with your crush
Easier said than done? Think again. Take the time now to organize some hang outs with your crush before it’s time to say buh-bye to books. And no, you don’t have to make it a date. Ask if his crew is going to the lax game this weekend or the student council picnic or whatever you two have in common. Be bold and remember that hanging out and being y-o-u is the best way to snag his eye.
Get your yearbook autograph-ready
What’s more fun than yearbook day? It’s a blast to look back on all the events and memories from the school year. Make a goal to get tons of signatures. Have all of your friends, classmates and teachers sign your yearbook.

Make it even more fun by bringing a pack of colorful pens to school, and give your yearbook a bright makeover. It’ll give you something to read during a long summer afternoon, and you’ll be able to smile at encouraging words and giggle at funny insiders with your BFF. Plus, it’ll give you the perfect excuse to go up to your crush after class…maybe he’ll write a cute note that you can swoon over.

BY ALLEE SWICK ON 5/1/2014 12:00:00 AM


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