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Dates with Mom!

Every day, our moms watch over us. When we’re young, they patch us up with Band-Aids when we fall. When we get older, they make sure we clean our rooms, eat our veggies and finish our homework. They teach us about boys and school, they make rules (mostly about boys and school!) and they make sure we’re growing up the right way.  Really…we think we owe mom a lot. 

This Mother’s Day, spend some bonding time with mom and show her how much you appreciate her being around. Here are some special ways to make this Mother’s Day her best yet!

Whether you’ve got money to spend or not, grab mom and head to the mall. It’s fun to wander in front of the shop windows and fantasize about the stuff inside! Share how you would wear that gorgeous green scarf, where you would go in those pink heels, or where that funky zig-zag lamp would look best in the house. Be silly and think outside the box for a fun convo with mom.

Bowling Bash
Friendly competition makes it easier to bond with anyone, especially mom! Take her to the bowling alley and play a couple games. Take your time, stop for conversation, and don’t be afraid to do some harmless smack-talk about how you’ll win! Playing games can help you start to see mom more as a bud and less as a parental figure, which totally takes the pressure off.

Coffee Date
There’s a reason why lots of couples have their first dates at coffee houses and cafes – they’re cozy and super laid-back! We’re not saying you should double-date with mom, but it’d be a great time to head there with her for a chance to chat about just about anything. Treat her to her fave brew and grab two comfy chairs, then catch up on important things that have happened in both of your lives. Talk about boys, books, music, sports, your summer plans…anything!

Movie Marathon
Do you and mom like to hang around the house? Turn an ordinary day into a fun time by holding a movie marathon. Pick one of your favorite movies, while she picks one of hers. Reveal them to one another at the same time, then screen them back-to-back. Don’t forget the popcorn!  After, chat about why they’re your faves – you can learn a lot about mom by listening to her taste in movies.

Scrapbook Something Sweet
Choose an event or a period in time that your mom might want to document: a family vacay you took last summer, first-days-of-school or other mom-and-me days. Then, gather up photos and hit the craft store with mom to grab scrapbook materials. Sit down at the kitchen table and put them in the album together, collaborating to decorate each page. This lets your creativity shine through and is a great opportunity to work as a team!

BY LAUREN CARNEY ON 5/8/2010 7:00:00 AM


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