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My BGF broke my friend's heart

My BGF told my BFF that he was going to ask her out. She was super-happy and she couldn’t stop smiling. After fourth period we found out he ended up asking out our archenemy. My bestie found out, started crying and hasn’t stopped since. She is depressed and won’t respond to texts or calls. Other than a note I wrote to her, what else can I do to make her get over this crazy sitch?

Aww, that’s awful what happened to your friend—something no girl should ever have to go through. Sometimes boys can be great and other times some of them can be downright mean. Since you can’t go back in time and fix everything, you can only help your friend from here on out and we’ll show you how.

Stuck in the middle

Unfortunately, it seems as through you’re in the middle of a very sticky sitch. On the one hand, both of them are your friends. On the other hand, one of your best friends got hurt. But your girl needs you now more than ever. Since she doesn’t seem to be responding to your calls or texts, try stopping by her house with goodies she’ll love—whether it’s chocolate, Chinese food, ice cream or chick flicks. Tell her you don’t need to talk; you just want to be there for her.

Keep it real

Tell your BGF you need to speak with him in private and let him know what he did was not cool. You could say, “It doesn’t matter if she’s my BFF or not, you shouldn’t do that to any girl. You got her hopes up and now she’s devastated.” Boys can sometimes be a little clueless and he may not even realize how much harm he caused. Suggest he apologize to your bestie, but make sure he gives her space and really listens to what she has to say.

Pick up the pieces

Chances are, your BFF will probably be crushed for a while and that’s totally normal. It would also probably be a good idea to avoid putting them in the same room for a while to avoid any painfully awkward situations. Most importantly, let your bestie know she deserves a guy who only wants to be with her and will treat her like a princess. The right guy is out there and you could help her meet him—at the movies, or the mall, the possibilities are endless. Best of luck, hon!

Lots of love,

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POSTED ON 5/14/2010 7:00:00 AM


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