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5 sweet daddy-daughter date ideas

Planning ahead for Father's Day this year? Take this all-about-Dad day and show him how much you appreciate everything he does. Plan a daddy-daughter date, where just the two of you can hang.  Here are some ideas to make your dad feel EXTRA special!

Play Ball!
Although you might not be a total sports freak like Dad, Father’s Day is all about what he wants to do! Grab two tickets to a baseball game or other sporting event. Can’t get your hands on tix? Watch the game together at home on TV. Whether your dad loves home runs, field goals or hole-in-ones, his fave gal will be rooting with him, which will make this game the biggest win any dad could ask for!

Vrooom Vrooom…
Sure, you only may be interested in what car you’ll get once you snag your license, but if your pops’ passion is his souped-up four wheeler, spark up an interest to learn about his fave pastime. Search online to see if there are any car shows going on this weekend in your area and hit the road. No local car shows? Offer to wash his baby spick ‘n’ span. From the windows down to the wheels, a bit o’ elbow grease will show Dad how much you care.

Top Chef Father’s Day Style
We all know, we’re supposed to treat Dad on Father’s Day, but what better than some time spent bonding over a hot grill. Talk with your Dad, and plan out an awesome Father’s Day dinner or BBQ—cooking all of Dad’s favorite dishes. Whether it’s burgers and hot dogs or a fancy pasta, there’s nothing you two chefs can’t do!

Just the Two of Us
Whether you two go on a nature walk or a bike ride, it’s not about what you do, but who you do it with! Dad just wants to spend time with his girl, and even if you guys don’t have too much in common, go for a walk around your neighborhood or head to the lake for some fishing or kayaking. Don’t make it a competition, but take it slow, and catch up with Dad. Away from home, you’re both sure to relax and let your guards down, not to mention realize how much fun the old man can be.

Oldies, but Goodies
One of the major reasons that make your dad, a dad, is YOU! So, look back through old pictures and whip out the old family videos to share those special moments all over again with Dad. This would be a great activity to get your whole fam in on, and you’ll laugh, cry and celebrate your #1 guy to make this the best Father’s Day yet!

What are you doing for your dad on Father’s Day? Blog it out…

BY KATIE RIORDAN ON 4/20/2014 12:00:00 AM


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