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8 Ways to Have Total Body Confidence This Summer!

Ahhh, summer! The season of waaay-too-short shorts, barely-there two-pieces and itty-bitty tanks. Sure, the inseams are rising up, but is your focused-on-flaws ‘tude bringing you so down? Nix the negativity and up the stats on your BC (that’s body confidence!) with our tips to have you lookin’ and feelin’ great!

No one’s picking you apart, we promise! Do ya hit the pool simply to pick out the flaws in others? Of course not! Just like you’d never fixate on another girl’s bod, trust us, they’re totally not honing in on you either. Instead, focus on having fun ‘cause we sure bet they are.

Nobody’s perfect. It’s impossible to get the perfect body, because there is no one perfect body. Everyone’s different and unique in their own way. Yea, we’ve heard it time and time again, but hey, until people (that’s you!) start listening, we ain’t stopping.

Don’t compare. Wish you had your bestie’s lean legs? Secretly shellin’ some haterade ‘cause your li’l sis got your mom’s freakishly-fast metabolism? Lose lookin’ at others for something you’ll never have and remember that the way you look, makes you, well, you!

60 seconds or more. Whether ya just started to kick-start your workout routine, or are in week 6 of your get-fit plan, remember that dramatic changes don’t happen over night. Meaning, give yourself—and your bod—a break.

Try a workout. A workout can be super-empowering. Don’t believe us? Give it a whirl! Take a walk with your mom, go running with a bestie, hit the gym with your sis, or even get outside to toss the Frisbee around with your dog. A bit o’ exercise and fresh air, instantly gives you a boost.

Keep track of your progress. Whether you’ve cut 30 secs off your mile or upped push-ups from 5 to 10, log your progress in a journal. After a week or two, look back and see how much far you’ve come! You’ll be impressed and motivated to keep continuing.

Choose clothes that make ya feel cute. The next time ya hit the mall to purchase some threads, don’t buy something unless you feel awesome in it. Does your booty look killer in a pair of jeans? A dress totally flatter your figure in all the right places? When you’re wearing something you love, your confidence will shine even more.

You are what you eat. Ever feel horrible after gulping down a pint of ice cream? Sure splurging on sweet treats every once in a while is def okay, but resist the urge to fill your stomach with unhealthy snacks and replace those cravings with fruits and veggies. The more better-for-you foods you eat, the more you’ll feel better about yourself. 

BY VANESSA JUNKIN ON 6/27/2010 7:00:00 AM


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