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How can I keep in touch with my crush?

I had a huge crush on this guy at school and I still do. His locker was next to mine, he was my math partner and we shared three classes. We seriously hit it off. We're sorta close I guess, and I have his phone number and stuff, but I don't want to constantly text him 24/7 all summer. What are some flirty ways to keep in touch with him now that I don't see him every day without being too clingy?
Hey girly,
Texting makes it really easy to keep in touch without feeling tons of pressure. Try these flirty tips to keep up with that cutie from school:
Show interest
Just like us girls, guys feel good when they're complimented or when somebody seems interested. So don't be afraid to show this guy how great you think he is. But keep it light because completely gushing over him might scare him away. If he tells you about the game his team won last week, congratulate him and tell him how good he is. Is he smart? Funny? Sweet?  Let him know! And don't forget to ask him how his summer is going and if he plans on taking any cool trips.
Make it about you, too
Sharing interesting stories about your summer or funny jokes you heard at camp are easy ways to spark convo. You can also tell him what hobbies you have, fave movies or your current music obsession. You may find out that you two have a lot in common. And don't be afraid to add a smiley at the end of a message or two :. But remember, with any texts or pics you send him, there's a chance he'll show his friends. So be a smart sista and be careful. 
Stay Busy
Guys don't like it when a girl texts them 24/7, so keep up with your activities and friendships. It'll take up a lot of your time so you won't be tempted to text him all day and everyday. Also, try not to constantly be the one to start the convo. Let him text you first sometimes. And don't limit yourself to texting just your crush. Remember that your gal pals have phones too!
Good luck doll!
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POSTED ON 7/9/2010 5:58:00 PM


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