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Drab to Fab Locker DIYs!

Wanna personalize your own space when ya hit the halls this new school year? We’ve got four crafty ways to spice up your locker.

Tip! Ya may wanna head in to school a day or two earlier or stay late after school to work on your creations. Crafting in crowds, or even worse, racking up tardies to class could result in disaster.

All Wrapped Up
Instead of staring at the same old brown metal every time you open your locker, wrap it up with super cute wrapping paper.

Using recycled gift-wrap or your fave printed or designed paper, line the inside of your locker. Cut to fit with scissors and tape to attach. Voila!

So Quotable!
Do you have a ton of old GL magazines lying around your room? Look through them and cut out cute quotes and your fave pics.

Once you have your pile, grab a few pieces of construction paper or cardstock in any color you want. Arrange your pics and quotes on your construction paper. It could be fashionably neat, with all of your quotes lined up neatly, or messy chic, with quotes and pics overlapping each other. Tape or glue together.

Make a few to hang up on the door of your locker as well as the inside. Stick your creations to your locker with homemade magnets.

Totally Magnetic
Hold up important notes, photos, or just decorate your locker with adorable personalized magnets.

Gather the materials you want to use on the front of your magnets. You can cut out letters to spell out words, write out inspirational quotes, or use your favorite pics—get creative! Pick up a magnet sheet with adhesive backing at your local craft store. Peel the paper covering the adhesive, and carefully stick on the things you want to use.

To seal your work and make sure it doesn't peel apart, cover the front of your magnet with a couple coats of mod podge using a q-tip or paintbrush (P.S. white glue mixed with a little water works too!). Let dry.

Stow Away
Not the neatest girl around? Gather all your pens, hairbrush, makeup, whatever all in once place with this handy locker organizer. 

Grab a small cardboard box, similar to the size of a PopTart box. Cut one of the tall ends of the box at a diagonal. Grab an extra piece of cardboard and cut to fit inside your box (as a divider).

Cover your box and your extra piece of cardboard with contact paper or wrapping paper. Hot glue the sides of the extra piece of cardboard stick inside the box to create two compartments. Give it a couple minutes to dry.

Hot glue four magnets on the back of your locker organizer—one on each corner of the box. Stick it in your locker and store your stuff!



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