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Too close for comfort?

It sounds impossible, we know, but, gasp!, every awesome twosome can benefit from each girl branching out a bit. Before guilt sets in, know this: You can get some breathing room without breaking your best-bud bond.

Fly Solo (Sometimes)
It’s so easy to let your BFF turn into your walking, talking security blanket. You never have to do anything alone, and you get her fab opinions on everything. But while it’s great she’s there for you, it’s also important to learn to rely on yourself. Try tackling teensy choices—like what to wear on the first day of school or extracurric sign ups—without always grabbing your girl for guidance. Sure, go to her for big stuff like guy trouble or family drama, but upping your independence in small ways will make you less freaked when you inevitably face dilemmas on your own.

Expand Your Crew
If ya spend 24/7 with your BFF, you could be missing out on other fab friendship opportunities. That means it’s time to expand your crew, even if you have to, gulp, make your own friends. We’re not going to lie—it can be tricky juggling new pals with old. So continue to make your BFF a priority—just not the only one. In the long run, your expanding world should make your relationship with your bestie richer and give you tons more to talk about—as if that’s even possible!

Show Off Your Own Style
Shopping together and swapping clothes with your gal is beyond fun, but it’s hard to be an individual if you two are always sportin’ the same style. Crazy for colored jeans? Don’t pick up the same purple pair your bud rocked last week—try hot pink instead. Both holding on to your down-to-there hair? Dare to debut a new ’do. You’ll look less like twins and more like the totally fashionable friends you are.

Branch Out
You hate to cook, but your bud’s a whiz in the kitchen. But because you don’t do anything without each other, you sign up for the culinary club even though you’d rather crack eggs over your head than make a soufflé. Sound familiar? If you and your BFF have different interests (and you probably do), embrace them. You’ll still be BFFs, but by carving out your own niche, you’ll shine like the individuals that you were meant to be.

BY PATRICIA MCNAMARA ON 8/10/2010 2:51:00 PM


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