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Moxie Teenz: The next BIG thing!

Dolls are for little kids, right? Think again. Moxie Teenz have hit the doll scene in a big way, we’re talking 14 inches tall! These girls are way cool, totally glam and have you seen their outfits? Just watch the video below—can we say, “Jealous!”

With a Be True! Be You! motto, these girls are tackling life after high school—and doing it with style.

From hosting a radio show to starring in the school play, each doll has her own unique passions… and that’s something that we can all relate to, no matter what your age!
Click on the dolls below to read their bios, then CLICK HERE to see which one you are most like with our “Which Moxie Teenz RU?” quiz.
Passionate about photography, like Bijou? Or do you love being on stage, like Arizona? Whatever your dream is Girlslife.com and Moxie Teenz are going to help you achieve it! CLICK HERE to see how.

Melrose: This strong-minded student is on a mission—to get her voice heard! Melrose has got a way with words and a passion for speaking her mind. It’s no wonder that while at college this smarty has started her own podcast; sharing her opinions on college life, current events, politics, relationships and everything else in between. Although the radio show is a huge responsibility, this beauty with brains would never let her straight A-average falter. When she’s not studying or hitting the airwaves, Melrose loves to sing or go dancing with her besties.
Bijou: Bijou can always be found with a camera in her hand. Whether she’s volunteering at a soup kitchen or working with children, she wants to make a difference in the world—and capture those moments on film. Her ultimate goal is to one day see her snaps on the cover of National Geographic or Time magazine. Now that would be awesome! Besides being a stellar photographer, Bijou is also a super-fit health nut, cooking up sweet, HEALTHY treats for her besties. She hopes to one day to study abroad, where she’ll be able to touch more lives and take more awesome pics.
Tristen: Tristen is the artist with an out-of-the-box point of view—and her medium is fashion. Where there is a rule to bend or a stereotype to shake, Tristen and her rebel-with-a-cause attitude is there. So when she landed the apprenticeship with a hot up-and-coming fashion designer, she knew that she was finally in her element. Her dreams of one day seeing her clothes strutting down a runway in Milan are slowly but surely becoming a reality. And all those Italian lessons will come in handy!

Arizona: All eyes are on Arizona—and she wouldn’t have it any other way! She’s a songstress with a gorgeously girly sense of style. She knows that dedication and hard work are her ticket to Broadway. This drama club queen keeps her schedule packed with voice lessons, dance class and hours of practice. She’s one busy girl and needs to keep super-organized. But Arizona would never forget to make time for her BFFs—she’s a friend you can count on who gives fantastic advice.

BY GL ON 8/13/2010 1:41:00 PM

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