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Get GL's new book and get answers to YOUR body questions!

Ah, the dreaded P word—puberty. One morning you wake up and BAM! your bod isn’t quite the same as before. You feel more like a distorted, fun-house-mirror version of yourself. Why does growing up have to be so awkward?

Good news—it doesn’t have to be. When you know what’s going on with your bod, you can prepare for the changes and know why they are happening. Suddenly, the whole thing doesn’t seem so dreadful.

So where do you turn to for answers to your body questions? Things like…

“What’s PMS exactly?” 
“Is it okay to pop my zits?”
“Why are my boobs smaller when my mom’s and sister’s are bigger?”

The experts (that’s us!) who bring you your fave magazine (duh, Girls’ Life!) have created a book that tackles these and ton more questions— from body basics to how to feel amazing everyday.
Introducing (drum roll, please) GL’s Head-To-Toe Guide to YOU, the only book you’ll ever need to get those baffling—and sometimes blush-worthy—body questions answered.

No more wondering “Is THAT normal?” The Head-To-Toe Guide to YOU gives you the scoop on everything you need to know about your changing bod including your period, the ABC’s (and D’s) of your breasts, the real deal with what’s up “down there” plus solid secrets to battling breakouts.

Snag it! GL's Head-To-Toe Guide to YOU is in bookstores NOW or you can order by clicking HERE (buy it today and you could save 30%!).

POSTED ON 4/6/2010 11:18:00 AM

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