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Back-to-school slumber party

With your back to school outfit picked out, and most of your summer clothes put away, don’t wave goodbye to fun just yet! The week before school starts, rally up your girls for a back-to-school sleepover. 

Get super crafty with a BTS them in mind. Whether you make invites mimic report cards or homework, your girls will definitely get your theme for the par-tay. For example, if you want it to look like homework, make sure you put a title at the top of looseleaf paper, a due date for the date and time of your party, the name of the host and a checklist of activities and games everyone must do upon arrival.

Or, if you want to copy a report card, write down a list of the different activities, and give them a letter grade (obviously they will all be A’s, because you don’t want a failing party!).

Paper Airplane Contest: A-

Superlative List: A+

Decorating School Supplies: A

Dodge ball: A-


Overall GPA: Give your telephone number to RSVP.



Ask your girls to bring binders or spiral notebooks over to your house for craft time! Grab perma markers, glitter, whatever and get to personalizing your supplies. While you’re hard at work studying, you’ll remember how much fun you had at your sleepover. Check out our Cool Composition craft!
Because the sleepover is themed for back to school, why not make predictions for what the year will bring. Whether you’ll be the captain of the cheerleading squad or your bestie will nab Homecoming Queen, write down your hopes and dreams for the new year. Hang on to them, and when May 2011 rolls around, you’ll be surprised to see if your predictions came true.

Another activity is class superlatives. Go through last year’s yearbook with your girls and award each one with a title. From “Class Flirt” to “Most Spirited,” you and your chicas will be laughing all night long!



After all of the fun and excitement, unwind and chow down on some candy and popcorn as you watch some classic school flicks, like The Breakfast Club or Never Been Kissed.



Send your chicas home with a bag of goodies. Fill up brown paper bags with pencils, erasers and a little Post Its to complete your back-to-school hoorah!

BY KATIE RIORDAN ON 8/28/2010 3:31:00 PM


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