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Super-Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Here’s the sitch: it’s Halloween, and you’ve been crazy busy. You’ve got a party to attend, but there’s no way you have time to go out and buy a complete costume.
What’s a girl to do? Simple: Get creative! With a little imagination, you can transform the clothes in your closet into quick, fab costumes that will be all the buzz.


The Homecoming Dress:

It was a hit at the dance, but now it’s just sitting in your closet. You thought it had no use until the next big dance, but think again. What your formal dress can become is the foundation for two fab costumes.


Beauty Queen:

Grab a tiara and make a sash and write “Miss America” for a beauty pageant costume that’s way cute and totally you.


Movie Star:

Buy a feather boa and ask your Mom to do you up right with 1940s-style make-up: winged eyeliner and red lipstick for Old Hollywood glamour. Use a curling iron to give your hair lush curls and volume, and voila! You’re ready to rock the red carpet.


The Little Black Dress:

You have your LBD for those special occasions because it can be accessorized with anything — and Halloween’s no exception.


Audrey Hepburn:

In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn turned heads as Holly Golightly. Now channel her most iconic look and go uptown sophisticate by adding a rhinestone necklace, earrings and tiara to your LBD. Add gloves to complete the look.



Channel your inner French domestic with a white apron, duster and a white headband. C’est chic and way cheap.


The Trench Coat:

Whether it’s Mom’s, Dad’s or your own, the iconic trench is perfect for two costume ideas.



Got a tan trench coat? Go Sherlock Holmes. Just grab a magnifying glass, notepad and fedora for the perfect private eye get-up. Costume mystery solved. Case closed!


Carmen Sandiego:

Have a red trench coat or jacket? Channel the elusive Carmen Sandiego. Grab a red hat and world map to play the cosmopolitan villain this Halloween.


Everyday Clothes:

Depending on your style, your wardrobe may be fit to mimic your fave TV characters.


Gossip Girl:

Go to private school or have a lot of preppy pieces? Pair a plaid skirt, blazer, and tailored blouse to channel your fave Upper East Sider. Just don’t forget a headband if you’re Miss Blair.



Mercedes, Tina, Rachel, Quinn and Emma Pillsbury: Glee presents tons of options perf for your style. If you can, get a group of Gleeks together and be the whole gang.


Vampire or Zombie:

Give any of these costumes a ghoulish twist with zombie or vampire face make-up and fangs or just use your plain clothes with it. Simply spooky!

BY ALYSSA BAILEY ON 9/27/2010 4:59:00 PM


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