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Get Him To Ask You Out

You know you don’t have to wait to ask out that cutie in your chemistry class, but the tale becomes much more romantic when he’s the one doin’ the dirty work, right? Never fear, girl, ‘cause there’s always a way to get your dreamboat to make the first move. Here are a few tricks to get him beggin’ you to be his date.

Let him know you’re available


This No. 1 step is an absolute must. Often, a guy won’t ask out the girl he’s been eyein’ in the halls because he’s not sure if she’s even interested. So the next time you see your boy, subtly mention that you’re still on the market. Make it crystal clear and he’ll come callin’.

Ask him about his plans


The next step is to know what his plans are for the big night. Don’t be too direct and ask him if he’s already got a date for the dance. It might make him a bit uncomfortable. Instead, play it cool. Ask him which friends he is planning to go with or what he’s doing for dinner. Once you’ve slipped into comfortable conversation about your plans, he’ll feel more at ease.

Start dropping hints


Now that you’ve initiated some friendly banter, start planting hints so he’ll know that you want to be the one on his arm. Not every type of hint will work with every guy, so experiment. You’ll quickly discover what works and what doesn’t.
#1 – The joke: Playfully joke around about you and he going to the dance together. It might seem like child’s play, but it’ll get him imagining what that date would be like in reality. Score!
#2 – The compliment: Haven’t you heard that flattery can get you anywhere? Tell him it would be nice to go to homecoming with a guy as tall as him because the photos will look fab. Touch on his humor, his good looks or his awesome dance moves.
#3 – The push: OK, chica, this one is slightly more aggressive. Do your best to make it appear as though the entire school is already paired up. If he thinks everyone else is attending in twos, your guy will want to join the trend and find himself a partner. And who better than you?

Add in the cool factor


Once you’ve got those hints down, take a step back. Give your guy some space and let him be. There’s no need to overwhelm him because he will get the picture, trust me. You don’t want to seem clingy or forceful.

There’s no tried and true method to get your beau baskin’ in your beauty, but with these tips, you won’t have to worry that he’s clueless. As long as you’ve done your part, if it’s meant to be… it’ll happen!


BY JEAN LEE ON 9/29/2010 3:32:00 PM


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