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I Always Feel Excluded

I get paranoid whenever I think my friends are doing something without me. I always check on Facebook and if it looks like they've done something without me, I take it personally and wonder if they really like me or if I'm really their friend! It scares me ‘cause when I asked my friend if I was annoying, she said I wasn't but she didn't say I was a good friend!
I know I may just be paranoid, but how can I deal with people doing stuff without me without breaking down?


Hey, girl! No one likes feeling left out. But it’s not good to overanalyze either and, trust me, we gals do it a LOT. Here are a few things to keep in mind before ya get too worked up.


Don’t always trust the Internet


I’m not gonna lie, I use Facebook and it can be a great way to keep in touch with your ol’ besties. But Facebook def has its downsides too. Seeing things on a computer screen can make relationships, break ups, friendships and get-togethers kinda awkward. It’s just a picture. If you see something on FB, remember that you don’t always know the story behind it. Don’t jump to conclusions.


Have killer confidence


A friend who is confident is way easier to hang out with than a friend who needs constant reassurance. You’re a great friend, so there’s no reason for your friends to want to leave you out. So just relax, girl! If your friend said you weren’t annoying, then instead of worrying about what she didn’t say, focus on what she did. She likes hanging with ya. Sounds like a good friend to me!


Take a chill pill


It stinks to feel excluded, but don’t always assume that’s what’s going on. Before you worry, take a deep breath. If it’s an issue, you can just ask a friend to see what actually happened. It can be nice to have a li’l one-on-one time with friends instead of a big group get-together, so if a couple of your pals hung out without you, don’t sweat it. 


But if you were right…


If it turns out that they’re leaving you out all the time, talk to them about it and let ‘em know how you feel. And if it continues? Well, they aren’t really the kind of friends you want to hang around anyways. But unless that happens, no worries. Just relax and have fun J


Best of luck!

Kristen Y. <3
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BY KRISTEN YEUNG ON 10/6/2010 7:00:00 AM


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