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Dating Distance

I have a boyfriend and he's great. But we’re only in seventh grade and we're going to different high schools. How would we keep our relationship going if we're still going out through the eighth grade? I know I prob won't marry him or anything, but I think I'm in love with him. Help!

Hey hon, thanks to modern technology you’re never too far away from your BF. Facebook, Twitter and texting make it easier to keep it touch with people you don’t necessarily see every day, which is good if you want to keep your romance going. There are other ways to stay close to your sweetie, too.

Make a Date

Since you won’t see each other every day at school, you’ll have to find new and creative ways to get together after three p.m. If he joins the soccer team, you could go to his school to watch his games. He’d totally love to have his own personal cheerleader supporting him. Or he can watch you squash the competition on the debate team. Of course, you can always meet up for a quick snack after school and recap your day.

Quality, Not Quantity

When your together time is limited, you have to make it count. Remember, it’s not how often you hang out that matters the most, but the quality of the time you’re sharing. Use the weekend as a time to try new activities together, like paintball or picking apples at a local orchard. You’ll bond by helping each other and create special memories.

Have Fun

There are things to look forward to when you get to high school, such as homecoming and prom. But don’t spend so much time focusing on your relationship that you lose track of yourself and your friends. It may be tempting to hang out with your BF every weekend all the time, but that will definitely get boring after a while (and you’ll prob get on each other’s nerves). Make sure you give each other space to do your own thing and you’ll be a happy couple.

Lots of love,

BY L'OREAL THOMPSON ON 10/19/2010 7:00:00 AM


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