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A Cabin in the Woods

Here's a story written by a GL reader for our 13 Days of Halloween Ghost Story Contest. Let us know what you think and be sure to check each day for another ghastly tale! 

Ellie considered Halloween one of the greatest holidays of the year. Hanging out with her besties and spending a night running around town scaring people and getting candy…what could be better?


This year was going to be the best yet. An accident at her school’s science lab closed down the entire campus, so she was now able to go with her dad on his business trip to Montana and she was bringing her BFF Renee with her.


After a super long drive through the woods they finally got to the cabin they were staying in. Ellie’s dad had to leave for his meeting and was going to get back late, so Ellie and Renee stocked up on snacks and some chick flicks for the night. They were playing truth or dare and watching Date Night when a knock sounded.


They paused the movie and listened to see if it was someone knocking at the door…nothing. They finished the film. Renee left to go to the bathroom and saw a light flash through the window, so she yelled back to Ellie that her dad was home.


Renee went out the back door to the outhouse and Ellie got off the couch to peek out the window from behind the curtain. She saw a figure walking with a flashlight in one hand and dragging a large sack in the other. Ellie, realizing it wasn’t her father, quickly dialed Renee’s cell phone.


She waited anxiously and watched the man from the window. As her phone began to ring, to her horror the man stopped and turned, his flashlight shining through the window she was looking out of.


Ellie dropped to the floor and pressed herself up against the wall, holding the phone up to her ear. That’s when she realized someone had answered it. All she heard was heavy, raspy breathing, then the slow words: “I see you.”


She shuddered and pressed herself closer to the wall as the line disconnected with a long, dull beep. Ellie looked down and saw her hands shaking. She held her breath, closed her eyes and parted the curtains above her. When she opened them, she found herself inches away from the face of a man.


He was young, she noticed, and healthy, but the only things that really stood out were the axe he carried in one hand and the large, blood-covered sack that was slung over his shoulder.


Her lungs burned for air as she realized she had not been breathing. At that moment, the man leapt through the window behind her, shattering the glass. Ellie passed out.


John was driving home on the twisting, wood-lined road when up ahead he saw a man with a flashlight shoving a big sack into the back of his truck.


He slowed down. “You all right?” he asked.


The man looked up to him. He was young, healthy looking, John noticed.


“Yeah, I’m fine,” the stranger replied. “Just got finished my deer hunting. I’ll be heading home now.”


John drove on and glanced back once more to see the man tossing the axe on top of the pile in the back of the truck. Twenty minutes later he pulled into the drive, parked the car, and walked through the door, not knowing what he would find…
Got a ghost story? There's still time to enter GL's 13 Days of Halloween Ghost Story Contest! Each day through Oct. 31, we'll be posting our favorite original ghost stories
written by GL readers. Will yours spook our socks off?
ENTER NOW! Email your story to youwroteit@girlslife.com or click the blue SUBMIT YOUR OWN button below.

BY GL READER ON 10/26/2010 7:00:00 AM


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